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Finally It really works! Gonna give my husband a big surprise when he get home in October

Excellent This really works my legs. Takes the guess work out of how many I should b doing each day. Love it!!!

Loved it It's really helpful and motivating. If anyone is looking for a real change, then don't skip this. An application can only help you till you're dedicated towards changing yourself :) Fantastic

Good It's straight to the point and easy to follow. However, there is one feature missing which is the fact that the day's workout might be too much. Please include the feature to repeat the workout next day or record how much I was able to do if I couldn't finish the provided workout. Other than this suggestion this app became my main app for squats! Amazing!

Love!!! Works with you based on what you can do. But also pushes you as well. It even has a reminder so you don't forget to get LOW everyday lol Superb!

The real deal I'm more likely to do my squats and stick to them...this tool is highly recommended and I have been using it as of two weeks with success

Very good I actually see results , keeps up with your paste and you can feel the results also ! Great job

This app is great I've been doing this app for 4weeks now and its been great. My booty has a nice definition and right now I'm doing over 200 squats.... Who would of thought cause in the beginning I thought doing 50 was tough. You'll enjoy this app. Omg

Achievemint integration Can you integrate achievemint apis to your apps? it'd be nice to see that addition :) It's kind of motivation for us Perfect!

Far Its a good app as far as keeping record as how many squats you do but it need more features love it

TeamFitt Great app. Excellent for squating and challenging your body! Its actually just like the squat challenges you see on social networks except better bcuz itz personalized for how your body works!!! 5 star

The best app ever! It constantly challenges and pushes you, in my opion its way better then the 30day squat challenge Good

Pretty good! Awesome for holding me accountable to do ny squats, and I love how personalized it is! Just with the "connect with Facebook" feature worked... then it'd definitely be 5 stars!

Almost there I like that you can enter in your target. But it would be nice to have audio and sensory counters as you complete each squat. Also for when rest time is over.

Where does the time go? The app is good, I just wished it had a bell or something to let you know your rest period is over, instead having to look at your phone the whole time...

Excellent app Would love to have some audio. And link to a Google account. . So that if something happens to my phone I can reinstall the application without loosing my history & progress

#achieve-my-goals Well....! This is a great app, but it won't allow me to move it to my SD card and when I try to set reminders, it won't let me successfully adjust the days. Fix these and it'll be a perfect 5

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