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Very pretty, almost elegant even. I've had it for a while now & I keep coming back to it. I really like it a lot Well done!!

I think it's so beautiful an there is so many different ones it's wonderful Thank you Works perfectly

I think I loved it because it really is my theme screen because it looks girly and I like girly things and I love the colour pink and the bright coloured design to make more attachment at the background. The apps are more fashionable now which I love it Omg

Best-selling the same time as the first one of our customers and suppliers of this app Flawless

Love it hate go sms I like the wallpaper and the pretty theme,I don't like the fact that I had to download the Go SMS that app junks up your phone and sends tons of notifications. So I uninstalled the GO SMS app but kept the wallpaper and it works out fine that way love it

This app is nice but I wish it is a theme that has the lock screen the launcher the weather the keyboard and the sms all combined together Pretty good

Industrious, loved it I love it because of the designs,colors everything... Not bad

جميييييسل ناااااايس احب هذا الثم Highly Recommend.

Best This is really what I've looked for. The background/wallpaper is so lovely and the app icons are too dainty! Superb!

Best It's really what I've looked for. The background/wallpaper is so lovely and the app icons are too dainty! Fabulous!

Super Enjoying ,,,this theMe is so iN loVable becauSe iT's suPer beAutiful i loVe aNd i liKe tHis theMe,,, Fabulous!

Yes! Please make all themes to this! Beautiful!! But without the quotes that are in the middle of the wallpaper.. other than that it's perfect! Love the light pinks! Well done!!

LUV YR THEMES!!!!! I found a Theme simular to this but, it was for Z Launcher. I downloaded Z launcher & the Theme I did NOT LIKE Z Launcher I tried it for 2 wks went back to Go Launcher. I have some of yr Themes I would have much more but I am unanle to pay doe them. If I wasn't going thru ALOT of health issues I would buy yr Themes! Yr work is worth the amount. Sincerely TamarazArtz ***** Fabulous!

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