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On the google play app store says this can be played as an offline game you cant shame as i like but im not allways online if you can fix that then i wont need to uninstall Pretty good

It freezes alot. Rewards are not given in ranking mode. Otherwise it is an addictive game . Good

Great game and time killer, but I have one problem, after playing two mini games, the game kicked me out to my home screen. I'm playing with my new tablet so please fix the unexpected crash.. Perfect

The game lags really bad. It freezes a lot. I often find myself closing the app, opening it again and i have to start over.. that really sucks. Overall, it is a really fun game though. :) Fabulous!

نمی یاره بالا همونجوری استپ کرده دلم و زد Go well

عاااااااااااااااااااااااااااالیییییییییییییه Recommend

بسیار عالی برای کودکان Recommend

Wish it didn't need the internet to play and also I can't play the game a minute good without it close down to home screen and a bit lagging please fix asap Great!

عااالیه فقط باید با فیلتر شکن وارد شد این بده Recommend

چهارده بار دانلود شد بعدش سه تا گزینه اومد هرکدومو میزنم نمیاره .نتم قوی Good

So im a youtuber and i dont tqke videos with it i play it on the weekend soooo this is awsome when theres a rude squid on the losee were always there! I ♡ it Enjoy it!

It's a good game but it takes forrrevver to load so plz fix that and I will give you 5 stars wow lol

This game is very good because it has very good quality and I have family guy and Simpsons tapped out as well so whenever I have finished on Simpsons I then can go on family guy then when I eventually finish on that game,I will then go on to this game see good lol and u should do it too have a try off it then you will get more done and not get board as quickly and as easily Enjoy it!

Good thing:nice graphics, you can progress, funny. Bad thing: you cannot log in with gooogle, they are only 2 mini games, overall the game can pass time Works great

Great game I love playing 1 prob it sometimes goes back to home screen plz fix that. Go well

چطوری بازش کنم پلی رو میزنم میگه اینترنت ندارید ولی نت دارم چیکار کنم آخه لطفا این پیام رو به زبان خود سازنده بازی بهش بگین. Brilliant

It's nice but if you want to start the game it takes very very long to start so listen to my ratings do not even try to download it Amazing!

This is great always addictive and love my baby brother to play it. Flawless

Overall the game is great and challenging but the one I don't like is silly voices of spongebob when he's jumping, avoiding obstacles, rolling etc that make me uncomfortable while playing.. I'll give you the 5th star if you change that silly voice Omg

Please I beg u to add more games in this game, like SERIOUSLY?! JUST 2 GAMES?! and i feel bored... can u plz add more games? or i'll feel bored :( Awesome

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