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Will rate 5★ if you fix ppl spawning inside your territory. Also fix spawning as a color you didn't choose but spawned as anyways. If you fix these issues i will rate 5*s Worth a go!

I love this game! its awesome and good job for creating it. but, i just wanted to know if you could add different skins. For instance, like you could play as a shark with a certain block color like the shark's could be water, representing its home in the ocean. has this feature but i dont think its online like i wanted, so i came here. Please add this feature or put it in consideration. Thank you for your time! :) Worth it!

this game is great but sometimes when I move it doesnt register it . And also just some times I get spawn killed can you add spawn protection please. But this game is okay over all and its soooooooooooo addicting.But every time I join a sever it says has unfortunately stoped PPLLEEAASS FIX IT . What I meant of (PPLLEEAASS) was please please please fix it this game is 3.2 stars rated from me NOW GO FIX IT IF YOUR EYES SEE THIS MESSAGE NOWW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing!

A bit it SUCKS coz it lays and it says non responding app report,ok but the game play super but fix it it SUCKS laggers you just want every game to be lagged love it

It's a really addictive game. But when I first open the app after I turn my phone on, I have to wait a long time for the actual game to start Fantastic

This app's team functions need improvement. Because redirecting is a bit bad, it would be really good to be able to join teams in-app. Also, when playing in teams, don't show ads if the player isn't head of the team please, other people will start the game and you'd have to wait for the ad to end. Otherwise, good app, almost a good replacement for playing on PC. Works perfectly

I think I love this game you guys are just not doing right it is easy you probably just getting killed and you don't know Watch yt learn to play just saying it is really easy and when I started the game it was fine it said name so I did it Not bad

It looks kind of different I think, but when I just open it says fix the bugs, but how should we need to fix the bug? Must have

Great time sure lots of people say that but if you are looking for a fun, competitive game then this is it!!!! Cool

What? Are you playing on an old phone or something,I mean really?! Its no where near laggy on my kindle fire *yes that's this its a download thingy idk* but on my iPhone 4s it doesn' phone? Eh? Omg

I am trying to play on android marshmallow on my moto g4 play and after some minutes the game keeps crashing. Please fix this ASAP. Worth a go!

Get this game. Really fun I spent all night on this with my friend. we was always top of the leader boards. Good times. Flawless

Really fun ,love how it's very challenging in a very fun way though. I highly recommend it. One thing I would change is maybe less ads. 5 star

Im playing on a phone lg 7 and it keeps lagging me back and making me kill myselfand run into the border i recommend if you are on a phone or tadlet dont install Great!

The connection to the server is questionable at best. Its funny how I will usually die only due to lag, but the ads have never failed to immediately load. Superb!

It's a great game but it has a lot of bugs sometimes when I kill people they don't die and sometimes I die when I'm back on my own land, IT ALSO KEEPS GPING OFF AND SAYING THAT IT HAS STOPPED!plz help and I'll rate 5 stars! wow lol


This game is great! I love playing it in desk top. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because its a bit more difficult on mobile. I still enjoy playing it though! Must have

It was very challenging I liked this it was fun I think with some tricks it will make a awesome game.I hope they make it better because then I will be this. Well done!! Close an area to fill it with your color. Don't get hit by other players or yourself. Perfect!

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