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Every since the update my app been glitching. It'll play for like 5 seconds and then it will crash and shut down Fantastic

Could be better It lets me download ok but it deletes the music off of my phone if i delete the app Flawless

Awesome for offline by simply downloading the songs. Wish it could have the triple click on the earbuds to rewind songs. Great app I've ever downloaded wow lol

This app has become bad with the last update it deleted all my music even stopped working Not bad

It okay but no song won't play and I can't make a me a play list also it not supposed to be used for wifi it not supposed to need wifi Highly Recommend.

Ok look you guys came in clutch and you guys did good. But i cant find the song boss by lil pump and add some more of lil pumps song from his album. Works great

Spinrilla has been down for 3 straight days an there updates have only made it worse fix y'alls app!! love it

I love this app, but now I can't access my playlist, or anything. My screen is froze as soon as I open it. Well done!!

This used to be the best app but them it glitches now and gets me off now idk why this used TO BE THE BEST but I guess not anymore Marvelous

This app was good for a long while but now it has to many glitches and it scrambled my playlist but u can still listen to music without a problem Great!

Everything works great, but the issue I'm having is skipping to next track when I unlock my phone or tapping on the app Works great

Its ok but i don't like it that you made it in alphabetical order in playlist and why can't we download every mixtape or single whats the point I just want to listen to it in my playlist Amazing!

It could use a bug fix. When i put music on shuffle since the new update, if i open the app up it reshuffles it and changes the song. I don't know what causes it. But i think it has something to do with the recent update Flawless

Love this app cause NBA young boy moneybaggyo finess2tyem blockboykb am here cause of them and some more Perfect!

One of the best Mixtape Hosting websites for listeners and free music, awesome for creators, and doesnt get spammed with garbage music, people can only upload if Spinrilla upgrades you you to an artist account. @Ver2ion Muito bom!

App would be 5 stars IF YOU WOULD MAKE THE DOWNLOADED SONGS PLAYABLE OFFLINE ON GALAXY!!!!!!Tired not being able to listen to my music unless im near wifi or have Perfect 4g reception Surprisingly

Really good! Easy to download and to use except that it doesn't have a lot of songs Flawless

I like using this app but it's missing a lot of songs from many artist's and everytime you go in a ablum to download it every song but the ones you want will play the one you want dont load Amazing!

I'm not sure if you want to go to the north side of the day and everything is going well Highly Recommend.

This is my favorite music app since the first day I downloaded it like forever ago & ive had multiple phones threw the year & what I'm trying to say is when the hell are we going to be able to download music we've previously downloaded cause I had a ton of music on all those phones & I just wish I can go back to listen to the music I had downloaded on a previous device Amazing!

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