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Easy to get in, hard to master! A true brainteasers, starts out nice and easy and quickly escalates into complicated brain twisting nightmare

Awesome game! I have enjoyed this game on the web and on my ipod touch, but I like the android version even better; the game play is excellent on the nexus 7. I love the new star system, which makes it possible to continue to make partial progress even when you are stuck on a bunch of puzzles. Totally addictive. I now look forward to my commute on the MBTA.

Great game.! Fun, challenging puzzle game that holds your hand before throwing you to the wolves. A bit slow (especially noticeable with the arcade mode) but otherwise fantastic.

Choppy gameplay! Seems like a good puzzle game, but ruined by laggy and choppy graphics. even after exiting it's still crunching on my ram and cpu... not sure if it's only in the latest update?. Recommend to download Spinpossible APK.

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