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Generally, the game is ok, but I dislike these feature where my car gets stuck in the edges or sides of the road and where my car looks like is sunk into the road (below the surface). Again, diamonds are highly needed if one wants to maintain instantly, paint, upgrade or buy a car, yet these diamonds are hard to earn. This reduces the ratings also. Well done!!

It is a best game actually i love car n racing too so this is a best best gme flr me Amazing!

Ok.. Great! Actually i miss to play the game like this.. Haha... Thanks...i'm glad this game not fool me like other... Thank you again... Perfect

Loved the game although I would have loved a littlw more competition on the race track as it just seems easy. Otherwise great. Good

Its good but the free money do you need ti install an app after the ad so plese chage it. I loved the game so much Superb!

I like the app. The app is good for time passing. But the many dimonds are not active. The cars price are very high . The game is very interesting Cool

The game is okay but it will be more better if the game star at 1,000,000 money and 1,000 diamonds​ Perfect

This is one of the most amazing race games I've ever's addictive and amazing....memory well used.... Fantastic

It's actually pretty good to play this game, best Asphalt 8 ripoff I've seen. Needs more cars though like the RX-7, Supra, Viper, NSX, Eclipse GSX, 240SX, 350Z and 370Z. Cool

Its a time killer to play when your bored but i want then to add take off sound because i like to hear music while playing:) Works perfectly

This game is awesome for the car lovers and it has a very good control syestem .....I am loving it. .... Awesome

When you install an app to get diamond or coins you don't get it even after you've installed it. Otherwise I love the app soooo much and I can't stop playing it!!! Go well

This is awesome but I think that the graphic must be better.I also have to say the repair girl is pretty nice Just wow

It was cool and a making I came place all the time and now I have 900 diamonds,so that means I have a red Lamborghini so I love it :) :).how ever made it keep it up Good

Need to unblock the car with early points and availability to change the car color Surprisingly

Some of the rewards (diamonds) are not active for collection e.g. amateur phase. However the game is still awesome but please fix this problem. I want my diamonds please Surprisingly

بازی قشنگیه فقط یکم سنسورش اگه بهتر کار میکرد توپ میشد دیگه Awesome

واقعا بازی خوبیه. من قبلا این گیم رو از یه گوشی دیگه گرفته بودم درست کار نمی کرد ولی حالا بدون هنگ کردن جواب میده. Awesome

The game is good but the prices of the car is ery high I would to yell the team to improve it Worth it!

بازی عالیه ولی قیمت ماشین ها خیلی بالاست.به سختی میشه حتی سریAروخرید.ولی سریSرواصلا نمیشه خرید مخصوصا اخرین یعنی بهترین ماشین چون خیلی گرونه.اگه ارزون تر میشد خیلی خوب بود Not bad

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