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this application is really good and can help me continue to practice my english to the friends in this group. because I do not have an opponent talking at home or campus. but honestly not all in the application is good sometimes there is a run from its goal of learning. so please be careful. Must have

There are so many people trying to flirt. So I request to u please block those are adverse for us love it

It is really a useful app , it has all the things i needed , yet the calls button is not working , so it is gonna be really awesome if you guys work on that , but overall , great app Perfect

I have been using this app since a month but now points are not increasing. Over and above sometimes it creates duplication of my friend list .. This app could be better .. Marvelous

There's connection error everytime I try to retrieve chats and friend requests. It took forever just to load everything. I swear it's not my wifi connection, cuz it works fine on other apps. PLEASE FIX THIS. IT'S FRUSTRATING. Perfect

It's a great app. I was able to find some good learning partners and I can easily report or block inappropriate users. The only problems that I've encountered were within the app itself. If I scroll up to see the history of a chat, it keeps showing the same messages. I cannot send messages sometimes. And I cannot hear the audios sometimes. :( Surprisingly

I give 3 stars because speaky works very slowly even i have an excellent connection, it was very good at the beginning but lately speaky works really slow, actually i love this app, hope you guys fix it soon☺☺ Great!

First of all, speaky is a wonderful app Perfect!

My level XP is stuck, and I'm not sure if it's still counting. There are still many bugs to be fixed, such as the chat history (scrolling takes forever because the app repeats parts of your history every time). Network connection is unstable (messages need to be resent like twice before it goes thru) + the picture messaging feature is lacking (can't send more than 1 picture at a time). Overall, it is a good app for learning your desired language and receiving feedback from the natives in real-time. Please fix these issues ASAP! Thanks :( User- Jessica C. Superb!

Please increase the choose of Traditional Chinese, which is much different from simpled Chinese. For language learners, it's very inconvenient without the choose. Amazing!

The calling and recording feature aren't working very well. .. and my score stopped increasing without any reasons ... so now I'm stuck at 16 even though I'm earning lots of points daily !!!!! Fabulous!

This is good but some people are annoying. Better to add some choices to warn them Works perfectly

I've foud this app useful and enjoyable But the notifacation need more improve.. like I can't figur out between the messages I recived and already opened and the new messages Thanks for ur effort Awesome

This app is really helpful not only in learning new languages but to also meet beautiful people and make awesome friends love it! Brilliant

It's fun to speak to people from other countries. I am studying Spanish, but I need to practice with native speakers. I also like to help others with English. It's easier to practice and make mistakes when you know that the other person is struggling too. This app attracts a lot of good people. I have never had anyone be rude or inconsiderate. The only thing is that I usually switch to Skype or WhatsApp so that we can chat live. Fantastic

The only problem is its delay on receiving messages, and it's not being refreshed fast Brilliant

it is awesome to learn different languages , meet new friends and know about countries ❤ === i give it 4 stars because of The notification doesn't arrive Brilliant

Overall it's really a great app coz you can find good learning partners and the users are more active than on Tandem but whenever I send pictures, the images would either take forever to load or worse still, not be sent and disappear! It's really annoying and frustrating to resend the same things. Please fix this soon and I will give you 5 stars. It'd be better if I can give more than 1 stickers to a user. Thanks! Just wow

Good app for learning new languages. Please increase the uploading speed. Now the messages take some time to send. It should be as smooth as WhatsApp. Flawless

Great app. Very useful for learning languages and meeting friend. I love the way they test our language skill before we start the app. LOVE IT! Go well

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