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Not bad. Easy to set up a connection. Easy for clients to use. Only problem is when logging off properly, it still leaves orphaned SSLVPN sessions behind in the SonicWALL, and the IP pool and/or SSLVPN licenses eventually get exhausted, so we must either log in admin/management mode to disconnect them, or have someone power-cycle the unit (last resort). Desktop NetExtender does not do this. Thank you. Good

Aksing for password every time at the time og login, provide provision to save password. Omg

Please fix a bug, s8 plus (Android 7.0) is not connected to my PC(win10) when using 3g,4g, but wifi is Ok. I am in Viet Nam. Thanks Ver 5.0.4 vẫn ko vpn đc từ s8plus tới windows 10 10/11/2017 Fantastic

Works great with my SRA4200 and my SMA8200v but with my NSA3500 that requires a specific port for the server (4433), when saving with the specific port the app will say Saving... and the little wheel will be spinning for ever... Fantastic

Please fix a bug, s8 plus (Android 7.0) is not connected to my PC(win10) when using 3g,4g, but wifi is Ok. I am in Viet Nam. Thanks Just wow

App had issues with old versions of Android on Droid turbo but since 6.0 it has worked Recommend

Works Well The only issue I have is that I can't add more than one connection configuration Superb!

I luv it Been using this app for over 2 yrs. Works everytime! One of the many reasons why I no longer carry a laptop haha Great!

Connect and Go Easy and simple to configure. It does what it's supposed to do without any issues. Great job

I just installed this on a Samsung S5 with Android 5.0 and a older Motorola X with 4.0.4 and it installed and functioned correctly. It lost a star because once you create a connection, you are unable to retype the ip address. Also that the ip address must be followed with the port number ( in order for this to work, but the app warns that it is an improper ip address. Many people that are discouraged with this may not understand the complexity that a Sonicwall Firewall brings to this. The app takes about 3 minutes to download/install/setup, however the firewall portion of the setup can take over an hour. I am certified in Sonicwalls so it was quick for me, but someone googling this would take a long time. In order to be successful, your phone and OS need to be on the list of supported devices and your firewall must be supported. My firewall is a NSA220 with 5.9.1 firmware. The firewall must be configured for a SSLVPN connection, Self-signed certs created, Nat rules created, Firewall rules for the SSLVPN connections created, ip addresses range for connections needs configured and about a dozen other things in order for everything to work. Just wow

Access is denied Access is denied contact your administrator. Knowing that I can connect using the desktop application using same credentials.

Can't create the VPN I cannot check the checkbox "trust this application" after creating a connection. Help please. Was working fine until yesterday 13/08/2015

Works very well, needs reconnect option This VPN app works well. Please add an option for 'Reconnect' like the desktop GVC client. Often the client will lose connectivity even though it says connected, so I have to disconnect & reconnect. An option for reconnect without re-typing your password is REALLY needed. 5 stars when that is added. Not sure why other people are complaining about the complexity of setting up the firewall for this to work. Well, DUH! what did you expect? Its a little complicated but I had no problem. Read instructions folks!

Doesn't work Connects most of the time but tends to crash my NSA 250M if there are network issues. The times it does connect, I'm only able to transfer a little bit of data before it stops and eventually disconnects. Worth it!

Won't pass traffic unless you clear log HTC m9, Android 5.1.1: I can connect but won't pass traffic unless I clear log in the sonicwall app before connecting. This problem doesn't happen with my HTC m8 phone running Android 5.1. Please fix in next upgrade!

Works well Use it almost daily to jump on the work network while off site. Haven't had any issues with the app and have been using it since it the Android update that stopped requiring rooting (on multiple devices). Awesome

Not working since lollipop Loved this app till it has stopped working, now just sits saying connecting. Edited review since app updated and now working perfectly for me Marvelous

Simple and works great! As another person specified already, if it won't save your password it's because your company's firewall or SRA was configured that way. It's a huge potential security risk for them otherwise. Not bad

Can't save password??? Very annoying when your IT department gives you a ridiculously long password that you HAVE to enter every time you log on. WHY CAN'T IT REMEMBER YOUR LOGIN PW??? I'll change the rating when I can save password love it

Good simple VPN solution For those complaining that it won't remember your password, that is because your IT department has configured it not to. Mine remembers fine. Just wow

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