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BEST GAME EVER!!! This is like the most adicting game ever!!! It's so much fun I told my friends about it and they had fun too. I recomend this game to everyone because it's the best game I ever played in my life. 10000/10000 stars Works great

I love it but... They should add somebody new,but I don't know who. They should also add a special event to unlock Super Sonic that would be cool.(also Super Shadow and Super Silver would be could.)(Super Shadow should come on haloween.)(Super Silver should come around Christmas time.) Date of description: 6/9/2015 Great job

Meh... A disappointment compared to how fun sonic jump was, but by it self, its a pretty decent geme. Awesome

Fun It's a fun game when u have time to kill but I just wish to timer had an extra 10 seconds to it or make the controls easier to use Omg

Good, but lacking. The game itself isn't horrible. However, the gameplay isn't very intriguing and the sounds are like nails on a chalkboard. It doesn't really make me want to play it a whole lot. See, Sonic is supposed to run, not jump. But it is good for mobile game. Perfect

HE loves it My son loves this game so I love it! (Not true) This is the only game he can play since his report card in school is terrible! Literally... TERRIBLE!!! So I let him play this game only. He won't lay down a single finger on the game. I'll give this game 5 stars. Brilliant

Love it but... It is a very good game but it is terrible you have to collect so many red coins just to unlock characters and collecting tokens could take forever to get!!! Well done!!

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