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Best f in game Ever The graphics are beautiful. The game is smooth.and the characters have there own unique abilities it is awesome. Best game ever!. Worth a go!

Fun game. I find myself playing it when I get bored, and you gotta love a good Sonic game. Go well

Love it Its a game that takes skills and procedure to be able to keep jumping at such enormous heights and get a high score of your very own and its connected to Google play service so that it brings up my xp if I keep playing and get more achievements. I've said too much already so just to say it short, its an awesome game. Not bad

Well I played games since 4years off age Well this game is one for the record books it's good well done works well. Works perfectly

At first I thought that this game will show that sonic is dead but I was wrong it may be not the best game ever but it's still fun to play Great!

Liking it But server issues connecting and i dont want it to affect my offline play unlocks. Lvl 24 so far and hav befriended lots of the choas too love the game as it reminds me of sonic adventure 2 Muito bom!

Funish It's OK for a time killer but there are a lot of connection issues with the server. Please fix this issue. But other than that it's a fun game. wow lol

I got Jump Fever Great game! Although we don't need the limitations for the amount of plays we have.

Soooo much fun So much fun, and an awesome way to kill time. Oh almost forgot! I do recommend this game! But please note that it will take nearly FOREVER! To get any character (besides Tails) even with the little tokens. It's still fun, and I do love it! Just a little heads up.=^ε^=

Tough but fun Quite challenging, like the graphics, haven't played it enough to find any glaring problems yet. Hoping I can get better at it.

Remind sme of the good ol doodle jump But this sonic versin is fun a friend compatible so far adds arnt to bad either. love it

Joyful & Fun!!! It is a really fun game and i couldn't resist it was so fun that i have played it MILLION time's Thnx for making this :-D

Offline progress conflicts with Facebook? I've played offline and unlocked several chaos then after a long time vacation I log on to facebook and now it REPLACES MY OFFLINE PROGRESS??? Can't choose whether to save my device progress but instead FACEBOOK RETURNS my progress to very beginning? Please fix this. I have my dark chaos chao unlocked and now it will be gone!!! The only thing restored is my RING DOUBLER??? By the way GOOGLE PLUS DOESN'T SAVES MY PROGRESS, it's useless logging in google. Lollipop version 5.1.1 please fix...

Loved it A fantastic game that other people should like to play if they down loaded it. I think you should have an advert for it showing all the great things you can do on the game! Surprisingly

Solid game, tries too hard For a fun casual experience, I recommend this game, unless you have a thing against them trying to push you to spend money, you can turn it off however, but they still push adverts. They do have to make money somehow and it's still a fun game. Recommend

Lovebug I like it because it's fun but getting boring and plus I got this game and now it is not working Pretty good

It's cool I really want to get amy blaze or silver there my favorite characters and plus one more thing please make it easier to get red star rings and tokens for characters. Worth it!

Fun but two major issues for free players. It's going to take forever to unlock all of the other characters due to the total number of red stars or tokens that it takes to unlock them. You have to wait for play throughs to recharge individually. Taking anywhere from 8-20 minutes. The app doesn't crash all the time like Sonic Dash though and the gameplay is pretty fun. It can be played offline too. Amazing!

Hard to add friends For some reason its kind of hard to add one of my friends that has the game for iPhone. Can I not add her?? I sent many requests, she gets the notification on Facebook but not on the game. she don't show up on the friends list while I'm playing. I would like to add her, please help with this Flawless

I really like this game I just thought not would be cooler if it wasn't timed. If just measured how high you could get period, rather than in a certain amount of time love it

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