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I enjoy this game but the high amount of long ads is disturbing. Made a purchase that removed them and everything was great! Except that when I opened the game 5 hours later all the ads had returned. What a waste of money... Works great

I can't believe I'm saying this but there is way to many ads! I'll be playing the game and then it'll stop and play an advertisement. Controls are occasionally are unresponsive. Also the game lags a lot after a revive. Awesome

I love playing this on my down time! It definitely is rigged though haha At least for the tournament things. Well done!!

So addictive... I just got the app and i have been playing it for a long time it is one of the best addictive game ever... I really think you should get this app love it

I like the game alot but you said you fixed the bugs and stuff but not really cause sometimes it's really glitchy and every time an ad comes up it sometimes restarts the game or it does it randomly Worth it!

The game was so good and perfect till the last update. And I very much regret updating. It's now FULL of ads. You can't play a single game without ads. The game is slow sometimes. It wouldn't open without internet. And in daily sprite prizes it gives sprites with less verity. Instead of developing by the update, it has got worse. Works perfectly

The game decided to be way too kind and glitch out and give me so much thanks game! #tookindglitch Recommend

Great game. My son loves it. Huge fan of sonic boom. 3 stars because the game crashes often when watching ads. horrible problem please fix Fantastic

Please can you add more areas like the one shadow is in the pic and more, also can you add boss fights like in sonic dash because I want to fight Dr. Eggman but I've been over a million in distance above the sonic record and no sign of him, did he finally became faster than Sonic? Perfect!

Its a good game, would recomend to every body very addicting can't stop playing keep up the good work and can you please add more characters i already unlocked it all Fabulous!

All around great game, just add more playable characters like "Silver", The purple guy that looks like a rhino, etc. By the way some characters legs look really funny while running, fix that. Awesome

Very nice game I am waiting for sonic dash 3 please launch it fast.But it is similar to Subway Super. And don't make sonic dash 3 similar to any other game. Well done!!

The game is a fun runner with plenty of upgrades to keep you occupied and engaged. However the ads are quite numerous and bring problems such as crashing your game often. You can play the basic game offline but the best events and methods to get ahead (free revive) are blocked behind the ads. There is nothing more frustrating then having a high score and a ad killing your run. Omg

The original sonic dash is better imo. had a better atmosphere, maps looks better gameplay also better. the original was a masterpiece. also, I don't like that they introduce scenes that requires you to tilt your phone. since i played sonic dash i didn't expect it to be there. it's annoying when you're laying down and play the game and you got that scene just ruins the gameplay. Fantastic

The game is awesome! Other than a couple ads it really isn't a problem. Those who say it is probably have a problem on their devices. I love that you can play as Shadow and that you have a challenges against others online! Get this game plzzzz. Perfect!

It is so great really, but why didn't you make Shadow more powerful than that.. I'm really disappointed. Highly Recommend.

Very addictive me and my cousins can't stop playing because of the fact that we run to have fun Works great

Awesome game! I am so addicted! I was so pumped when I unlocked Shadow! Could you add Silver to the characters? Maybe an event? Well done!!

Everything is great the only thing I would want you guys to fix and I don't know if this is an internet being slow issue or a bug your game contains, but every once and a while when I get my tickets the game will reset and take my ticket used and I won't get to play! Kind of frustrating but if this is fixed I would give 5 stars. Marvelous

It's a really fun Game! But when i was playing it there was a glitch, so my brother helped me fix it. Well done!!

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