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May 23, 2017

Great music, wish you could have more access to red rings like the first sonic dash. Controls arent perfect, but I guess I aint either. Sometimes the game doesnt recognize that I double tap to dash. Pretty good

May 23, 2017

Graphics are phenomenal, glitches sometimes, real challenge, brings out the true character qualities throughout the whole entire game. I must say, last gen games weren't this fancy. You guys put a lot of work into it. Well made Sega® :) Works great

May 23, 2017

Awesome game. Though watching ads gives advantages. And the game often crashes when you watch that ad, removing all progress of your run though it does consume the sprites that you used. Which really really sucks. Punished for watching forced ads? Meh. Amazing!

May 23, 2017

Very great game overall, visually and gameplay-wise! I would give it a 5-star rating, but there are a number of issues that need to be fixed. Very rarely, watching an ad for free Revival actually freezes the game, and alongside that, if close enough to an enemy or a hazard when collecting an Enerbeam Icon, you still incur damage and loose rings.... just those little flaws keep me from giving the game a full five star rating. Marvelous

May 23, 2017

Fun all in all, but annoying when I watch a video for a revive and the game glitches out so I have to restart my run. Convinced I would have had Sticks unlocked by now if it wasn't for that majorly annoying glitch. Perfect

May 23, 2017

Thanks but I have a problem with the first game...why would you add hello kitty characters in the first game? Hello kitty is not a sega character. I know there's girls around the world that hate sonic but loves hello kitty or loves both sonic and hello kitty but I'm a boy. When I first saw hello kitty in the game I screamed and deleted the game fast as I can. So can you fix that please? Thank you! Perfect


Really really good actually. Even all the premium features are easily unlocked without spending real money as the unlock prices are cheap and you are given plenty of free red star rings free just for playing. Daily events are good, challenging but not too hard and give nice rewards including free characters. Nice idea of a game that wants to make money but makes it totally optional, and you'd pay purely to just save time. I've played for a week and unlocked both extra sprites and 3 characters without spending a penny. Honestly, if you did just spend real money to unlock Everything, you'd no longer have a reason to play. So I'd say spending money on this game would actually spoil it. Fabulous!


Decent game but needs a lot more different tracks for me to give this game another star. Also more boss battles would be good. Also it's really annoying when the game crashes or trips causing me to lose progress and much time which for me happens too often, but please sort this problem out. This game has much good potential if above is listed to. Worth it!


I was annoyed at the amount of ads that you're forced to watch in order to carry on playing in the game; as well as a 5 red star limit each day and a time limit on events. I lost my score on shadows run and it really pissed me off. As a lover of sonic from way back the game is ok but needs somthing a story mode or gameplay. Cool


Absolutely love it, way better then the first one, took me abit to work out the controls but once got the hang of it can't get off it... rate 5 stars*. 5 star


Fun game of course it's Sonic! Big downfall though in the hour or so I've played this the game has crashed multiple times causing me to lose out on points and tickets to win prizes. Playing on a galaxy s6 so idk if that makes a difference. I definitely want those points and tickets back. Just wow


It's a fun game based on subway surfers. The artwork is amassing! It can lag sometimes but that's because I have a slow(ish) phone. Great game SEGA... keep up the good work. Highly Recommend.


Everything is good, sometimes, tho graphics are a bit too hard for my phone to handle and the game slows to about 5 FPS which is almost unplayable. I have one complaint, THE GAME WONT CONNECT TO ITS SERVER, SO I CANT PLAY THE EVENTS OR OPEN PRIZES! Good


Raised my rating higher because problem was resolved. Only issue now is the update I want it off my app. I get making sonic faster the longer you run but when I can't even land one jump before the next obstacle is in my way. I can't switch lanes because I keep getting taken out. I'm pretty good I play nonstop when not at work. And my high score is over 100 million but I'm not even making it 4 million now. If I can't play n enjoy without dying every few meters I'll Uninstall n find something else to play. Surprisingly


Sega fixed network connection problem and promptly responded to my message about it. Great free game, good graphics, and plays well without having to make in game purchases Works great


Umm... i used to always play this game, but then deleted it. I got it back and.... well... it says i'm on leven 47 and i have all the characters and have maz rings and coins. I have no idea why... i used to be nowhere near level 47! Please fix Worth it!


Not as many characters as the first Sonic Dash, still really dissapointed with the character re-design too. This game constantly tells me that I'm not connected to the Internet, so I'm not able to get enough red stars to unlock more characters. The sprites aren't thought through enough, their designs are really basic, and their powers are seemingly dissapointing. Adverts are really annoying to. Other than that, game is annoyingly addictive, and has some interesting mechanics. Brilliant


Love the game. But it keeps saying trying to connect to server. Even though there is great connection. Tried restarting the phone, going on airplane mode only using Wi-Fi but that doesnt fix the problem.. Hope this issue gets resolved soon. Pretty good


I just think you need the boss battles back, once done maybe add more characters like silver or even the werehog version of sonic, also add more destinations!!! If these are done i defo give 5 stars! Recommend


Great game but I cannot connect to the server even when I have a good connection. Happened ever since I won Shadow from events (even though I was under level 11). Please fix this. Otherwise good game. Must have

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