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Jun 28, 2017

Great game..Online events are great to play and can unlock everything without buying through real money..Just issue of battery draining too fast ..I m playing on one plus 2 Works great

Jun 28, 2017

WORTH IT. I don't play mobile games but I'm a huge fan of sonic for 10 years now and had to try it. I have to say this is one of the best mobile games you can ever play. Tons of fun. Tons or replayability. Fun characters and amazing abilities. My personal favorite of the Boom series is Sticks and I loved unlocking her. If you want a good sonic mobile game then this is for you. Only complaint I have is that some ads restart/crash the game and your score and challenges you were in get reset Amazing!

Jun 28, 2017

Very addicting and fun game. The graphics are good and its not pay to win game. I like the gameplay alot!! Spelndid work!! Cool

Jun 28, 2017

I like the game but my problem is that each time i try to play an event they say that i am unable to connect to the server. It frustating because i missed many events Works perfectly

Jun 28, 2017

Awesome game! Only complaint is the delayed actions when u swipe! I really like how u captured the old school sonic feel! Great job! Amazing!

Jun 28, 2017

I like it and all but you need better music. The music you have sounds weird and not exciting or adventurous. Plus you need to make it easier to get stars. This game practically sicks. Must have


It lags a lot but overall good game. Could there be some witty banter between characters? Or they could say something for every action? love it


All the horrible pitfalls, camera angles, and collision detection, we've come to know and love, now playable on your modern mobile phone. For added nostalgia, this game will drain your device's battery just as quickly as its ancestors did to your Game Gear. 10/10 would play again, and again, and again. Trust me, this game is well worth the price. Pretty good


Its great I just think tails and the others are hard too earn I mean knuckles and Amy fans won't have a problem but tails is my favourite just if you would make it easier to earn other than that it's a great game for mobile keep the work Sega! Nintendo did not completely ruin it (by buying Sega) Muito bom!


Great game! I love all the original characters and I am a fan of all sonic games. I play the original ones. One thing I would change is making unlocking characters easier. Other than that, awesome game! Well done!!


This game is awsome thanks sega u da best now I watch sonic boom and all other kinds of sonic shows u guys made. You guys rock keep up the good work and make mire games and shows or.continue some Good


Ok I luuuuuv the game! But Sega, I'm not sure if this is normal, but when I logging in I was gonna try to connect to my other account if it was possible.. but I LOGGED INTO A ACCOUNT THAT HAD 999,000,000 COINS AND 10,000 RED RINGS. I DIDN'T KNOW WHAT TO DO, SO I WENT OUT THEN CAME BACK IT AND LUCKILY THE ACCOUNT WAS GONE!but I think that was a bug just warning u Sega don't want u guys just to be eating chili dogs when u don't know that this is happening...I'm srry I freaked out Must have


I think since sonic is my favorite game character,they made a great game. I watch and listen to sonic almost anytime I can. As you can see I am a big fan. This game is very entertaining. Omg


I love this game, and I love Sonic Boom!!The graphics rock and the game play is easy and addictive. Classic Sonic lovers will love it, since the game is simular to the Sonic generation games. Great job Sega!! Keep it up! wow lol


I love this GAME! especially on sonic dash they are all like 70 red stars and stuff.And on SONIC BOOM they are like 30 and 40 red star rings.Also I love it because you get a free life by leaving a sprite on your manage team! Please play this game because it is Soooo So fun. I am just gonna play this game everyday!!☺☺☺☺☺☺ love it


It's a great game. Too bad it crashes when you start it. Then you'll have to turn off wifi/data for it to launch... It's quite tiring since you can't participate in events like that. Worth a go!


This games has too many bugs and glitches. Ads make the game freeze and you lose progress and stars if you use them for a revive. It doesn't recognize commands and the lag times are bad. Great concept,great graphics, bad controls and bugs/glitches Well done!!


Great game. It is much better than the first sonic dash. This one is much good and cooler. In this one you can get the stars freely. Before in the first one i had only sonic and amy. But in this one i could buy knulnes,amy,shadow,tails and sonic. My team has not been completed yet. I will tell u more . Perfect!


The game is very good, however there is something I don't understand. Why has the maximum speed of the game been heavily increased? I've been playing this since it was available, and at that time the speed of the game would increase slowly and the max speed wasn't too fast. Now the max speed increases​ so fast and to such high levels that many of the tricky parts of the course become impossible to pass after about 5 minutes after starting a run. The max speed really should be reduced. I'm also seeing ads even after I have made a real money purchase in the shop, please fix that; I recently bought the 7 day Boom Boost to remove the ads, even though I had already bought both that and one of the red star ring packs before. Go well


June 23 1991 Sonic the hedgehog's first game! Happy anniversary Sonic! Thanks Sega for Sonic! Never stop making Sonic games and shows Worth it!

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