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Aug 21, 2017

This is an awesome game! Very addictive! I played for two hours however one problem... When I watch an add to revive myself, it says resume, so I click resume and then it says three two one and does nothing. I'm stuck on the same screen and the only thing I can do is quit the race. PLZ fix this but overall I think it's awesome! I recommend you getting it! love it

Aug 21, 2017

Very great and fun game overall, visually and gameplay-wise! I would give it a 5-star rating, but there are a number of issues that need to be fixed. Very rarely, watching an ad for free Revival actually freezes the game, and alongside that, if close enough to an enemy or a hazard when collecting an Enerbeam Icon, you still incur damage and loose rings.... just those little flaws keep me from giving the game a full five star rating. 5 star

Aug 21, 2017

This game is awesome and I would know because I'm a hard on gamer. It's really worth the time, in the previous release of sonic dash there is a battle with the eggman. I believe that removing that battle is not a good idea so please add it. Fantastic

Aug 21, 2017

Overall pretty good, but i encountered a bug. In an event, i had a decent score going, then i crashed into an obstacle. I watched an ad to use the free revive, but afterwards, nothing happened. I was stuck looking at my character knocked over. I had to quit, so i lost my score. Other than that, good game! Enjoy it!

Aug 21, 2017

I love this game its Soooo addicting!!!! I would give it 4 stars except it keeps on telling me WiFi isn't working on that game when my WiFi is very strong at my I can't play events. I'm the highest score right now but it sucjs that I'm trying to maintain it and I can't without logging into it.-. Pleassseee fix this Surprisingly

Aug 21, 2017

A great sequel to the original Sonic Dash and what an improvement after Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric and Shattered Crystal. Along with the TV show and the latest entry (Fire and Ice), easily the best thing to come from the Sonic Boom franchise! Favourite character is Knuckles, thanks to the Knuckles Smash move. Great Job SEGA! Pretty good


It's a good sequel, but it definately gives off a feeling of uniqueness. As if Sonic Dash was a collection of the good times of the original series and characters, but Sonic Dash 2 is trying to say, "Okay, let's show you something different." More modern-like. The one thing that was cool about the original game was its wide variety of characters to choose from, and this one takes that up a notch by not only having characters exclusive to the show, but giving each of them their own abilities. The only problem with the characters is the show; unless the characters are seen in it, they won't be in the game. This is why I like that the show released an episode featuring Shadow, because I'm sure one of the top questions sent to the developers of the game was, "When will Shadow be in it?" Anyways, the gameplay is a MAJOR improvement over the original since the red rings are guarenteed to be found 5 times a day, rather than completely random or nonexistent. Sonic Dash also made it incredibly easy to fill up your Dash Meter since you just had to collect rings, but this game gives you a choice between rings and orbs (which are the only thing that can fill it). I would love for their to be bosses in later updates, however. All in all, 5 stars! Now I'm going to get Shadow! Perfect!


Great game but there is a glitch that I want to tell you about. Whenever a video pops up in anything the game crashes and deletes progress of my last run. It also takes a ticket away if I am in an event it takes away a ticket. I will rate 5 stars if you fix this. Good


Loved it!! The visuals are great and the controls are just impeccable. Only wish there were different sets of zones that could be chosen from outside of the standard set of three. However come to think of it, that might make the gameplay unnecessarily complicated so its probably just right the way it is. Superb!


Great game..Online events are great to play and can unlock everything without buying through real money..Just issue of battery draining too fast ..I m playing on one plus 2 Works great


WORTH IT. I don't play mobile games but I'm a huge fan of sonic for 10 years now and had to try it. I have to say this is one of the best mobile games you can ever play. Tons of fun. Tons or replayability. Fun characters and amazing abilities. My personal favorite of the Boom series is Sticks and I loved unlocking her. If you want a good sonic mobile game then this is for you. Only complaint I have is that some ads restart/crash the game and your score and challenges you were in get reset Amazing!


Very addicting and fun game. The graphics are good and its not pay to win game. I like the gameplay alot!! Spelndid work!! Cool


I like the game but my problem is that each time i try to play an event they say that i am unable to connect to the server. It frustating because i missed many events Works perfectly


Awesome game! Only complaint is the delayed actions when u swipe! I really like how u captured the old school sonic feel! Great job! Amazing!


I like it and all but you need better music. The music you have sounds weird and not exciting or adventurous. Plus you need to make it easier to get stars. This game practically sicks. Must have


It lags a lot but overall good game. Could there be some witty banter between characters? Or they could say something for every action? love it


All the horrible pitfalls, camera angles, and collision detection, we've come to know and love, now playable on your modern mobile phone. For added nostalgia, this game will drain your device's battery just as quickly as its ancestors did to your Game Gear. 10/10 would play again, and again, and again. Trust me, this game is well worth the price. Pretty good


Its great I just think tails and the others are hard too earn I mean knuckles and Amy fans won't have a problem but tails is my favourite just if you would make it easier to earn other than that it's a great game for mobile keep the work Sega! Nintendo did not completely ruin it (by buying Sega) Muito bom!


Great game! I love all the original characters and I am a fan of all sonic games. I play the original ones. One thing I would change is making unlocking characters easier. Other than that, awesome game! Well done!!


This game is awsome thanks sega u da best now I watch sonic boom and all other kinds of sonic shows u guys made. You guys rock keep up the good work and make mire games and shows or.continue some Good

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