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The original sonic dash is better imo. had a better atmosphere, maps looks better gameplay also better. the original was a masterpiece. also, I don't like that they introduce scenes that requires you to tilt your phone. since i played sonic dash i didn't expect it to be there. it's annoying when you're laying down and play the game and you got that scene just ruins the gameplay. Fantastic

The game is awesome! Other than a couple ads it really isn't a problem. Those who say it is probably have a problem on their devices. I love that you can play as Shadow and that you have a challenges against others online! Get this game plzzzz. Perfect!

It is so great really, but why didn't you make Shadow more powerful than that.. I'm really disappointed. Highly Recommend.

Very addictive me and my cousins can't stop playing because of the fact that we run to have fun Works great

Awesome game! I am so addicted! I was so pumped when I unlocked Shadow! Could you add Silver to the characters? Maybe an event? Well done!!

Everything is great the only thing I would want you guys to fix and I don't know if this is an internet being slow issue or a bug your game contains, but every once and a while when I get my tickets the game will reset and take my ticket used and I won't get to play! Kind of frustrating but if this is fixed I would give 5 stars. Marvelous

It's a really fun Game! But when i was playing it there was a glitch, so my brother helped me fix it. Well done!!

The game is great. My only issue is the astronomical amount of commercials. I would have gave it 5 stars if the amount of commercials we're not after every little thing you do. Worth a go!

There's like an problem,you when there's a gap and a robot i destroy the robot and landed on the platform,it glitches and made me go down,can you please fix it and i will rate 5 stars! Good

Omg I l-o-v-e It.I'm a big fan of sonic.i'm his number 1# fan.Make more sonic games Sega make more!.I rate this million stars. Perfect!

Honestly, I still think that the first sonic dash's graphics is better than this. I hope you will try to improve. Perfect

The game is great only problem is that while playing, the game gets stuck so plz fix the problem Not bad

It definitely has a lot of good competitions and mechanics, but sometimes an ad pops up or intentionally, the game will crash, please fix and this review will be 5 stars of excitement! (If I can actually change my review that is) Go well

The game is cool I like it. it's awsome cool make more games of sonic and I have a request to u sega team that can u make sonic car racing for free plz plz plz plz ok! Keep it up Works great

Fun, challenging infinite runner. There is a bug sometimes which causes your character to fall through the floor after you respawn, making you lose the red coins you spent on the revive, which is disappointing and frustrating. Brilliant

The game keeps freezing and will force close loosing data for last run. Please fix. Muito bom!

Awesome! Great game... Loved it.. but there was something missing here in this game only 3 category places..i hope you'll add other places like beach, underwater and so on.. keep it up.. Flawless

It's awesome ....but I don't understand how to receive tickets But it's a very fun game Omg

Everyone has awesome powers especially shadow but why is sonic a ring magnet when he dashes Surprisingly

I am downloading this because I liked Sonic dash it was too good but now I am trying Sonic boom Fantastic

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