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Yes!!! I've had this app for about half an hour. Lol. But it seems good. It's paused on me once, but I got back into it. I'm giving it 4 stars for now, just cause I've just downloaded it. But so far, it's great!! I just don't like how there are stupid covers. I want the actual artist singing, not some other person who thinks they can sing but really........ Cool

I Couldn't Believe It When I First Downloaded It The best music player and music share app out here, a reason I look forward to my 45 minute mountain work commute to the casinos in Black Hawk, CO from Denver. It's like this app gives you the first listen to a lot of music that trends later in "the scene". It has the newest music and hottest covers and songs by independent artists. The sounds and genres are endles. Search is huge here. My favorite songs are found with remixes i never knew about. Perfect

BEST MUSIC APP I love this because it lets me play music from anime to movies, unlike most apps. I have spent hours looking for an app like this and I found it. Thank you so much and I hope that you never take this app off the play store. The idea, concept, and feel of the app are perfect! Please if you haven't then download this app!!! Well done!!

No off-line music I gave it a three star rating*(more like 2.5) because of all the other good ratings plus I really like the way it's setup. If my music would actually work offline I would have given it 5 stars. I don't know why It won't work when everybody else's will, I have the galaxy S 6. Highly Recommend.

Good >moderate>okay!? At first songflip was great until after about 3-4 wks it started needing wifi to play songs. At first you needed wifi to download but then could listen whenever but its changed. If this got fixed a definite 5 star rating would be given for sure Omg

Why didn't I know about this before? I can't believe I just found this! Good selection and you can actually play any song any time for free! I'll still use Spotify for their Discover Weekly and other features but I think Song Flip will be my main music app from now on. Flawless

I really like the song selections. They seem to be user driven so you can get unknown songs as well as hits. My biggest issue is that you can't turn it off. It is the only app my phone can't force close and even when I exit it stays open in the background. It is cutting down my passive battery life. Someone said it has offline capabilities but I can't find them. wow lol

I've never had a problem with the quality of the song & it's very rare that i can't find a song. And very easy to use. Down side is the app doesn't let me close it. I have to go to my app manager to do a force-stop. Also I would like to keep all my music in one file while still being able to categorize them. Needs a slight re-vamp Good

Accounts This app is fantastic and outstanding but iFeel like the app would be so complete if you make it an option to have create an account cause I just recently just got a new phone and I want to be able to transfer my music saved in this app, in my old phone to my new phone without having to search each song one by one and adding it to a playlist. So I was wondering if you could make having an account an option. Thanks so much. Omg

Reopens itself I have tried over and over to close this app. The back button doesn't work and there's no menu with an option to exit. When I select all recent apps, I can make it close by clearing all of the programs. However, it just reopens itself again, immediately after. I've been happy with the music I've found, but this glitch is making me uninstall. I'm using an LG G5 Must have

AMAZING This music app is awesome! You don't even have to wait a minute for your song to download. The only thing you have to do is find your song click the little ➕ on the right side and you have it on your playlist! The only downside is that you need WiFi to here songs, but the rest, is AWESOME! And the music here like ligit makes me finish my homework faster beacuase you got no distractions. Just you and your songs Pretty good

This app is better then SoundCloud Spotify, iTunes, and any other music app EVER!!! They actually have what they advertised this app as with more options that made music finding easier and fun. I was about to give up on trying to find a music app until this amazingly awesome app came along I'll never use anything else. The developers of this app are true and genius thank you so Much for this you devs are the best!!!! Perfect!

I love it! Only thing is, Every time I scroll jus a little bit to fast through my playlist, the app decides to stop, and close out. But otherwise, it's great! Easy to use, and has lots of free music on it! Even my Japanese shite! Not to mention, no Wi-Fi. One of the best I've used :) Works perfectly

Awesome I'm only rating 5 so that I can listen to more than 80 songs. 1. )u can't shut down the app unless u restart your phone or have your phone go flat. 2. )some of the songs don't play properly offline they only play to about halfway. 3.) Most of the songs arent even sung by the person that u want to be sung by Muito bom!

Idk what multi device means. But I've had probably at 1sec or another hv installed q music app on here. MOG is great, I've had spotify prem for a list 2 rs love it. But I'm get bored with hello.. It's u. Know that I mean. But I love it that song rocks and the all relate so imagine hearing it n every retro/remix out there. Songs u can't n I prom want ever find again it's addictive bc u don't know what all safety dancsongs exist n the good plse just trz if u love music u will love this appe Worth a go!

This app has the potential to be amazing! But needs improvement There is so much great music on this app! I love that you can go through a list of related tracks, search by genre,or artist and get lost in so many nostalgic and current hits. The only problem is that the app stops alot, and you cant get the playlist going again unless you go the next track, and the problem continues. If only I could use this app offline! Really really amazing selection of music. If you can fix the issue with the music stopping this would be a really great app Highly Recommend.

Great!! Been looking for an app that lets me have all the music I want. Songs are super easy to find and everything is free. Only complaints I could have is the ads and amount of remix/cover songs there are as apposed to original. Both are easily overlooked by all the positive features this app has to offer Muito bom!

Even though this is not what I was looking for the app was amazing like believe​ly amazing so I hope people will try ang give this app a chance. I mean my friends and I couldn't find the songs I love on other music​ apps no matter what I want it's not there, OH and I want to be able to listen to a song without having to keep the screen on. I am very happy that I can truly say tat tis app works amazingly. So I want to thank the creators who made this app so people around the world can enjoy it. Perfect!

You have to have internet ALL SONG APP RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU! Its soooo cool, but I wish you could listen to the music without internet. Then, I would rate it 5 stars! But it soo cool like it has every song! But I wish you could listen to the songs without the internet, so then I will rate it 5 stars. Update it or make it better then I will rate it 5 stars! So please update it! But The ALL SONG APP IS RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU!. Enjoy it!

LOVE THIS APP! One thing though! I love this app so much! I just wish you could play music offline without wifi :( Also some of the songs I searched up don't have the original singer. Like others said, there are covers and instrumental. Amazing!

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