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I love this game. It's the first thing I do in the morning. Helps me get my brain in gear! One thing, on dealing a winning hand, you don't always win! I think that's funny! I prefer Random deal anyway! I win more often. Good

The ads in between every single game are frustrating. I understand they have to make money somewhere but the animated ads that make you wait before continuing make me want to uninstall...thankfully the latest ones seems to be a quick close so it stays for now. Would probably purchase this app to avoid ads...I'm addicted to solitaire! Flawless

The program is good and I actually use it for a medical use. I believe it would be more fun if you had or offered levels of difficulty. Such as a person can choose a level 1 or another level such as 3. Each becoming more difficult. This would intrigue me more and possibly encourage me to pay for the app. Is this feature available? I would really enjoy the challenge. Omg

The game is fun and I find it relaxing. But the one graphics are poor. Only once was there an announcement saying you can change them, but I wasn't able to find it. Good Luck!!! Superb!

I have truly enjoyed playing solitaire and Mobility ware is certainly my favorite and I like the daily challenges on games and all the different settings we can choose thanks for giving us a certainly fun game. Works perfectly

When it runs it's fantastic. Locks up too frequently requiring a force shut down or reboot of phone. Flawless

Excellent program/app for solitaire. Clear graphics, plus options; offers control of preferences, like sound & auto-hint; but my favorite thing is the graphics for winning. Great!

This is the best solitaire game I have found. Sure the ads are annoying, but not as many as other games. I did notice, though, that the cards change - kind of cheating. Like you know there's a black Queen that should be first, but another card appears on top. It happens quite often... Recommend

Play one game, view an ad. Next game. View an ad. Game ad, game ad, game ad. Kind of greedy down there. Way annoying. Otherwise would rate higher score. Just wow

One of the best solitaire games I've found. You can change the layout for left hand, tap to play a card, and the hint icon will tell you when there are no more USEFUL plays. I tried a couple of others, but deleted them. Easiest to play. Amazing!

Have played this game on every phone I've had for years. Loved it. BUT Last update created long ads that freeze my phone - can't do anything until some ad runs its course. Not fun. Not functional. No more. That's it. Awesome

I enjoy playing - especially the Daily Challenage. Since I KNOW it's winable I like playing until I finally win. There is a help to show you how to play to win if you can't figure it out which is nice to have. Overall, it's just a nice game to play & relax with. Surprisingly

I have enjoyed this version of solitaire for a few years. However, recently (within the past month) the app has started using LOTS of data! Recently did an update but that did not improve it, possibly made it worse. I am uninstalling it for now at least... Worth it!

Great game but doesn't save cups so after getting a new phone I've lost all of the previous. Maybe you could save them or publish all of the daily challenges. Just wow

Games are great and always challenging although I cannot believe that top place persons can make 3 selections per second and analyze each move. Update: the more I play this app the more I am sure these top people cannot be making that number of moves in one second. It takes at least a second to view any new cards and decide your moves. I believe a computer is actually playing for them. These top numbers are not realistic! I still enjoy the game but makes me feel really inferior. Fabulous!

Just love the challenge of completing the cards. Great customization, tracks your best score and compares against others playing. Would be nice if you could replay a Winning Deal immediately after not 've finished it, if you want to try and improve your score. If you can replay them, I haven't found how to do it. But that's a small thing. Just love solitaire in general, but this app specifically. Had it for a couple years now. Love it!! 3/1/2018 - Follow up. This app has now used over 4 GB of data for February. I had 6 GB plus and I got the notice from T-Mobile that I have 1 GB left. Checked my data usage and solitaire showed to use 4.3 GB for month. What the bleep is going on? I love this game, but not at the expense of all my data. Hopefully that's a bug. If not i ve got to uninstall. Please tell me that's a bug. Must have

I LOVE SOLITAIRE. Period! But I have been thinking about what/how game play would be like if the solitaire game had daily challenges, different levels of hardness. Or especially if they took the original (klondike) game & mixed it up a bit, ex.) have strikes times you lose and 3 strikes of losing and your out, having a specific card you have to find. If you find it & lose, you get only an item associated with the card. If you win AND find the special card, you get the "jackpot" Fabulous!

I gave tried and tried toget through days 25th and 26th February, but finding them both impossible. Any help would be appreciated. Enjoy it!

I honestly love solitaire, so playing this game is sooo fun. Playing a simple card game without cards is so cool. It's great to play a game that doesn't lag or glitch at all. It's amazing. If you can send me a recommendation list of card games, than I would be super greatful. Thanks for a great game Superb!

The thing I like most is the ads are not intrusive like most other game apps. Occasionally one shows up at the bottom and it shows a short add when you complete a round but that's it. I had other game apps the show adds even when your not playing just looking at Amazon or something, or just on your home screen, not this one! love it

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