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Good work on the app, but the notification is annoying. I've blocked all notifications from this app. love it

Love your style. Have played this by other companies but yours​ is thr best. Is there any way to get rid of the ads? Surprisingly

I have like four or five games that I play. This is one of them. This one like the others is a perfect waste of time. Love it! Perfect

When I first installed it I had to give 5 stars to get rid of the ads "forever" the update brought the ads back, so my rating is adjusted accordingly. Brilliant

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This game helped me get over my girlfriend stealing my cat.. oh how i miss Mr Whiskers Fabulous!

This app is much better than the one I used to have. So far I haven't had any issues with it. 5 star

Game is good but there are few silly spelling mistakes in statistics options, like scroe (score), shorest (shortest) plz correct it...otherwise its awesome timepass Amazing!

Could not concentrate on the game as the ads kept popping up. I will uninstall it Awesome

Great classic game for killing some time, has some really pretty backgrounds and styles for the cards too. Cool

Easy to use. Nice layout. Cards are easy to read. Good for playing on your down time. Good

Exceptfor the distracting graphics in the top leftcorner and a sloweroading than I like, I find this worthy of a five star rating. I entirely enjoy the hint button, without which at late hours I would be lost Not bad

I like the game great job. And that ur removing the ads. Although if they were less flashy and distractive id have np having u make money off me love it

When I turn tap move off, the cards won't place, but with it on the game is too easy Marvelous

Nice little version of Solitaire! I love the graphics. But I don't like the ads. Thank you so much for removing them! Not bad

Wish the cards would fall away when complete just like the old windows 3.1 version but other than that this is awesome. Amazing!

I think it's really cool playing it. It got me thinking fast while I'm playing and I'd have fun too. People may think it's boring , i mean some people but it brings back memory of some old games I've had used since I was a kid. That's all folks. Superb!

Much better than anticipated. No lag and the ads are between hands as far as I can tell. Enjoying it so far! Perfect

I use to play every single day. It was great before the new update. Now I find myself trying to find the classic one you guys had. I will delete if the update isnt removed. Please change it back Works perfectly

Good gameplay, however I might have missed an option to play leftie. After 64 years, this old dog can't remember the old tricks. Perfect!

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