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Great secret game to play If you need a secret game to play on your watch, get this it runs smoothly and on my zen watch 2 (1.6) I have had no problems with accuracy. wow lol

Good concept However doesn't work with my GV08S. Add compatibility for my device and I'll be fully satisfied. Great!

Perfect solitaire. Kinda wanted... I prefer to play with 3 card draw, this is not an option. Anyway, it comes with auto complete. It works perfect. Looks pretty

Great Game on Watch Awesome job developing this game for a small screen. The entire experience is perfect.

Great time killer Solitaire on your wrist. Great way to kill 10 minutes while waiting around. Winning deal option is nice. Muito bom!

Great App Great implementation on a small watch screen. Super smooth animations. Must have for every Android Wear user. Thank you.

Love the game, but it loves the battery! The game is great, but one five minute game shouldn't use 10% of the battery life.

Good time killer Seems to love the battery though. Went from 92% to 85% in the course of one game. Keep your charger handy.

High quality game for Wear This feels polished and easy to use. The touch targets are smaller than on a phone but still useable. Cool

Amazing Not incredibly practical but awesome nonetheless. I'm glad you made this anyway. Surprisingly easy to hit the card you want which I thought would've been a problem on my g-watch-r screen. Enjoy it!

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