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it's an addictive game. only thing is it feels like your never winning money. it costalot just to play one game. it seems to only earn is your daily bonus. and when you win a game it's just to pay for the next game. and when you reach the spin cycle you almost end up with the same thing because of the way it spins. I wish they would fix that and make you be able to win more money Perfect!

Getting more addicted to the game.. Just can't managed to bring myself to stop going to next level Recommend

I love playing the game and the difficult challenges. The little dog jumping makes me want to do better. I also like the harvest. I Just wow

Love the game and its addicting but I really wish it didn't cost so much to play. Once I'm out of the free coins that's it love it

Great time killer. Wish the levels didn't cost so many credits to play though. Makes it hard to play more than one or two levels at a time. Brilliant

I really enjoy this game and play it several times a day. But got to say it costs too much for each game the further you go, which means I can only ever attempt each level once per hour/harvest Recommend

Very fun! Became addicted right away!! Easy to learn and easy to earn credits. Great game!! Just wow

Geeze, when trying to rate the app, it keeps trying to move to the next question before I finished filling the stars, some people may be trying to give you a higher rating, lol Fantastic

Great fun easy game don't forget to connect to Facebook and when u invite make sure friends connect at bottom with envelope. Perfect!

Didn't want a traditional solitary game, this one is much funner, can't put it down, very adicticing Perfect

I do love it, it's a challenge & very very fun. Actually it's very addictive. You'll love it, try it!!! Works great

Great game! Lots of fun. The only down side is it takes way too many coins to play one hand. I collect coins all day just to be able to play two or three hands at night. Wish it didn't take so much so I could play longer. love it

Awesome game keep you interested so much about to gain bonus, addictive, great colors and pictures. Cool

Costs too much in coins to play I think .I have to wait until I save up some points to get to play. I love the spinning wheel that does help especially the every thirty minute harvest. love it

i understand levels the higher you go the harder but you got pay for everything that may need to pass that level or whatever the case may be but damn everyone don't have money to play these games the way would like to play AND PLEASE OH PLEASE STOP WITH PIG AND THE GOLD BARS I WON THEM WHY DO I HABE TO PAY TO GET THEM!!!!!PASS THAT ON Awesome

Really enjoy playing this game so addictive. I currently play it on a samsung galaxy phone and I'm over 400 levels played. I am going to be changing phones over to iphone and wondered if I could download game and carry on where I left off, or would I have to start all over again? Hope not. Recommend

Great game, but it does get costly on each game play my highest level is on iOS and I'm level 106 which it cost 2,500 to play each game and 6000 for a wildcard.. for that it should be at least 5 gameplay. But other that it is a good game great graphics highly recommended. wow lol

Had high hopes but oh well. After the first 100 games be prepared to sit around and wait to earn coins, or spend money. Be aware of the Wild Card. It has a bad placement. You can easily, accidentally hit it & lose coins. (When you're given 20 cards & 15 are worthless, its frustrating & hard to advance. ) Marvelous

This game is highly addictive. My cell and tablet bling when it's harvest time! Love it. Almost to 2 million. Yes. Although, dropping 10k for one card? Still love it. Kudos. Awesome

Cost many coins to play each game... So addictive and waiting to harvest to play again is only an hour! Gives you play time and the wait time to get things done! Just wow

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