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I just like the game to auto play when you touch that specific card instead of having to drag it. But other than that it's so far so good. Omg

Great game Great game, but it does have a lot of ads. Be sure to wait a few seconds before clicking play, or you may accidentally click on an ad. Worth a go!

4.1 maybe add some options to change card design, to even larger design. Love larger cards, a little larger would be awesome, there aren't many card games that worry about players eye strain. Always room for improvement :-) Perfect!

Good app., but add problems Love the app. Don't mind the adds between games but I hate when a video plays. The game is quiet and then this loud video comes on. If you are somewhere being quiet, well everyone now hears your video. Works great

When my phone crashed I had to find & reinstall MY BELOVED solitaire game: not remembering the maker I had played for years, I installed and removed 2 other similar games, till I gratefully found this one AGAIN! ! IT IS THE BEST!!!! NO LAG, MOVES STICK QUICK, & these cards are also the best, visually... Thx again! !! ♡oxo Fabulous!

Hey guys. I know ads are important, but please no ads with sound. Sometimes I like to play at night and the undesired sound at 1am is really annoying. Amazing!

Works fast on S3 mini I like the fact that it has 3 most fave solitaires games in one. Just need to add also tri-peaks ;) Awesome

Classic Solitare fun! I love playing this game on my phone! A great way to kill time while waiting for things, & a calm, fun game that's a pleasant change from my rpg's on my Xbox 360. I like challenging myself by constantly trying to get my win percentage higher & seeing my skills improve as I play the game faster as I get better. This particular game has also taught me that there's almost always a way to win a game; I just have to use my brain & think & that helps improve my cognitive skills. Overall, *definitely* a 5 Works perfectly

Good app. Ads are obviously a little annoying but I can deal with them. What is annoying is when the ads have sound despite your phone being on silent especially when you are near a sleeping baby!!! Highly Recommend.

You can actually win! It's a nice game because, like many whether the computer always wins, this one I've actually won several times. Different options to play so you don't have to download lots of different games. It's all here Go well

Basic Game Fun To Play This game was exactly what I was looking for, Solitaire attractive and easy. It provides sufficient options to make my game unique as well as just giving me the simple challenge that I'm looking for. I have recommended this to friends of mine, without qualm. I'm adding this after reading someone else's comments: There are WAY too MANY pop-up ads for anyone tastes... they wear me out clicking past them. WAY TOO MANY! Well done!!

I LOVED IT :D Even im 11. I can play Solitair So. It is a bit hard but i won in 7 min! So i loveee it♡ Recommend

Reuse spare pile! I used to love it and play all the time! For whatever reason it will no longer let me reuse my spare pile! Omg

Solitaire Classic Finally, an online game that plays by almost the exact same rules as the original card game. You definitely don't always win. Flawless

Too many ads Was really good but now there are ads over it. The ads are for stuff I have no interest in and they are ruining the game.

Fun game-relaxing while I listen to music training Well designed. Fun game-relaxing while I listen to music training of piano and voice preparing for performance and teaching.

Solitaire Used to really like this game but subsequent updates have added irritating ads. Otherwise it does everything I need it to. Shame about the ads.

solitaire card game I love this app when iam thinking while playing this game.when everybody is sleeping iam playing my card game with my thinking cap on.

Love it Mostly play Free cell. I like the implementation. The cards behave predictively and correctly. This works on my Asus Transformer Pad and my Samsung S3 mini. I don't mind the ads, as they support the developer.

When i go to settings, i have to reboot the entire phone Fun for 1 card draw. Needs work on 3 card. Make the Game Solitaire that have a winning opportunity.

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