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I think this app will ALWAYS BE tops in my opinion I was able to recover data pictures stuff that I thought was lost to me FOREVER, but instead now I thank my lucky stars for stumbling ONTO this app!! Thank you Dev's!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 RATED FIVE HEARTS!! Try & BEAT THAT!! Lol yeah pun INTENDED! ;-) love it

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Seems to provide a great amount of info. that creates opportunities for direction Works great

love this app so much, but after i update to oreo, i can not turn on connect to pc, please fix it Amazing!

Initial impressions...once group is setup worked well, however the file browser is a mess -- randomly arranges folders not alphabetical. Recommend

I have tried other apps that says it can do Wi-Fi but never seem to work. This one works!!! Like a duck to water, it does what their video shows you. I have a Asus 9 tablet and a HTC 10 phone and a bunch of mp3's I need it to transfer to the phone and I tested a couple of the files and it went without a hitch and so 700 plus files had no problems and was really fast, only stop a few times 2 let me know that there was some copy's already on the phone. I'm glad I have found this App, would be giving it 6 stars. love it

Great app. However there are some things I'd like to see adressed: 1. Stop doing one notification sound for every file sent. It gets annoying. 2. Add a progress bar if there are more than one files. 3. Change the notification sound please. 4. Increase the speed also, ShareIt can do faster transfers. Thanks. Muito bom!

its very good app for shear files and your data cable is lost so you download. this app now Great job

This app used to work fine back in the days but now it doesn't work quite well. Despite the different folder options for copying files into sd card in 'Connect computer', it fails to write anything into sd card however it works just fine for copying from the sd card. However, copying from and copying into internal storage can be done without much problems. Recommend

This proved to be god for me today. Had to transfer urgent files from phone to pc...but my phone's data cable slot is broken and hence cant transfer amy files to pc. But this app saved me today. Thank you so so much! Flawless

The Best App. Better than shareit as it can connect with PC without special software for PC. Works great

✌ wow lol

It does the work of transferring documents between electronic devices with out a pen drive. Good

Nice app overall but doesn't support 5ghz band.. please add the ability to create 5ghz hotspot . It's soo much faster. Not using this app until that happens. It's more faster to transfer file on other apps. Well done!!

Many new sharing apps came but still this one is my fav. Using this for years and it serves all purpose for phone n PC connectivity. love it

This is really work and fast easy to use// Im newbee i just google it and it's work Well done!!

It is interesting because I have been struggling to transfer files and data from this device to a PC Well done!!

Bye bye USB cable! Very clever way to revive the FTP protocol. If you can't get it to work, here's a tip: Once the scan is successful, you can simply paste the ftp://***.***.***.***:8888/ address into your file explorer and it should work. You can even map it for later. However, it doesn't give you permission to write to the SD card, which is a major bummer. Recommend

500 times better than shareit! No need to install any software on your pc/Laptop to connect to pc/laptop but Shareit needs a PC version installed. Four times faster processing than shareit. Never hangs, quick exit. Recommend

Very nice app. File transfer from mobile to pc is so easy. No need to install app in pc. Just connect via wi fi and transfer Must have

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