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I really like it but not the ones where its too flat or there's a picture in the background so in currently using soft memories Imma stick to this one!!! Go well

I love the design. I was also able to add the theme on my Idol 3 touch, which does not give the option ( wallpaper and background lock screen are the same) and I absolutely love the others pictures I can get when clicking on the little envelop at the bottom left. However I am ready to Pay for the app, if we can remove the adds. Muito bom!

Beautiful Design Its beautiful design so if your chatting or searching you will see a beautiful design love it

This is such a pretty keyboard still on my screen even when turn off turn back on still on this cute kika keyboard even when is white I still see good in white I guess people r blind to see I still could see good n I LOVE IT Not bad

I like it I do like this, I just wish the question mark wasn't right next to the backspace button. It would be so very nice if it weren't Good

So so so good Omg you can change fonts theme and everything at once its the best go kika keyboard! Cool

Letters turned white This was my favorite theme, but like others have said, the letters turned white (used to be pink), so it's hard to see. Please change it back! Highly Recommend.

Letters are white I love this app, but why did the letters turn white? :( is there a step that i am missing? I tried installing and uninstalling it, but no change :( pls help Perfect

Letters turned white What happened? Suddenly the letters turned white. Please change it back to pink. Perfect!

Soft Memories My phone worked really well after downloading this app. Love the soft tones n colors just right. Will be trying out others for sure. Works great

Hard to read Very pretty but some of the keys blend into the background. Tried to adjust to it but was too aggravating. Well done!!

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Nice I enjoy typing with a nice, bright keyboard

OMG everything is beautiful

I love this app!!! I love this app.. I use it all the time.. Recommend for anyone so loves the little emoticon faces

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