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Quit interesting ! It's work good but some point I would request for next update: - Show club's logo on the first wallpaper livescore ( easy to find and interest one club) - include Cambodia league - cup wow lol


Is the best,opens fast..what l have an issue with is the delay of scores..pls work on that. Not bad

Love this app and want to remove ads but it says ALL my payment methods are declined even though I can use them everywhere else.....why? pray tell. Also, on the individual soccer player screens, you show total goals etc for each season and competition, but it would be great to see overall career total goals, appearances too, as that provides a better indication to how good a player is. Enjoy it!

Everytime when I start the application, and try to connect to chat, shows only connecting and error 53! End what's the meaning of error 53? Fix this Fabulous!

Best app for sports lovers, I follow Aussie Rules and is it possible to have quarter by quarter scores, you only have start and finish in notifications Great job

I use the app for stats and scores and the info on League 2 clubs is limited (I support Luton Town) Very good, reliable app. Recommend

I totally love this app.. I had to uninstall the other app I was using. Keep up the good work.. Superb!

At first I want impressed with this app, but the more I played with it, the more I like it. What you get is a pure and raw sports scores. There are no rankings, standings, betting information, odds, etc... Just scores. I do wish they would add College Baseball scores. Go well

It's the shows the former clubs of any player n the market value. I love it Must have

On rugby matches no time displayed to see the time remaining. Otherwise a great app. Superb!

Easy and best application to use. It also show time according to indian timing!! Worth it!

The best app there is , but after the new 'superfast' update , I've seen goals here that were not scored in the real game . And if you could add an option of maximise/minimise leagues in today games that would be perfect . And when someone score , the yellow light is so bad , it need a stronger light when someone score Fix these 3 little things and this will be the best app ever , without a doubt.. Anyway, excellent job guys love it

The widget keeps getting stuck it shows only some matches like today's matches when I look to see what matches from my favourite teams are there tomorrow I can't scroll down because it doesn't load Good

I don't know why im not able to See any matches , results , score since yesterday. What happened to this app Awesome

Please do add the TIME for push notifications on goal scorers Please do your best to add time of goal scored and name of player who scored in the football notifications, so that when a match is ongoing and there is a goal, you will know the time and the person who scored. Pretty good

Avaliação do perfil completo dos times e jogadores, probabilidade de derrota ou vitória, vídeos anexados para ver os lances, acompanhamento dos lances também e enfim... ainda não encontrei um defeito, ou seja, o melhor aplicativo da categoria! Recommend

It's absolutely excellent, my only advice to make it the greatest sporting app is text commentary on all football games including lower leagues in England Enjoy it!

This app is pretty good.One more update needed about player full profile season by season.Player goal , assist , hattrick and clean sheet. wow lol

Best sports app I use. I use it for football only so don't know much about any other side of it, but the football stats and updates are brilliant Surprisingly

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