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Excellent time waster game, love the game play and also love that you have a full career and not limited to just soccer Surprisingly

You should keep on making absolutely amazing games like this you deserve to be 5 star . Brilliant work Muito bom!

Ok. Game has some nice features but, come on, fix the goddamn gameplay. It has tons of problems. Sometimes, when you are about to take a free kick, wall is too close and you simply can't go over it. Opposing golkeepers save some impossible to save goals and other times they concede some stupid goals. And teammates could also move a little bit when you send them the ball. They just stand there and watch, but opposing player can run few meters and cut it. I mean really... Plese fix it it's getting really annoying Surprisingly

Excellent game when I first started playing it. Just deleted it as the gameplay is really horrible as you advance wow lol

Really? When you play 10 games achieving mvp, and then you play 1 bad game the manager, teammates, and even fans dislike me? What kind of concept is this?! Amazing!

The game is very good but the energy takes too damn long to recharge.. It's quiet irritating because everything costs energy here and when it takes that much time too get recharge one gets boored of it Marvelous

Good but I've seen that there he is asking me if you want to make new career you should pay 60₹ 5 star

In a way seems realistic. Reminder of those teams that think with hiring one aged and old veteran star can reach the championship of Serie A. It's A TEAM. And please remove those freaky creatures in the intro screen, one resembles the zombie version of lionel messi! This app is very great. But has very annoying features. It promotes luxury. Even if it is the truth, it's ridiculous to say if you buy a branded underwear, you are a better player, if you gamble, you are a better player and you can capture hearts of fans, teammates, coach!!! Worth it!

I buy items (especially wears) and it disappears and I have to buy them again... Please fix this Omg

خوبه ولی زود گل میخوره تو دیقیه۸۹من دوتا گل خوردم ک اصن امکان چنین چیزی نیست Worth a go!

It's a nice game to play and generally a great concept totally should play game . But it only lacks a greater more needs of special tactics and more controls. Works great

Good game. Would give it 5 stars but the game keeps cutting out its very annoying sometimes Worth it!

Addictive!! Another option to play a football games, for a football mad boys... and of course girls as well. Keep up all the good work. Good

Would give it more stars if not for the fast depleting energy and expensive gems because without them u literally can't play the game and without gems u r playing to lose wow lol

What's really annoying about the game and should be improve is even you missed one pass in the game and you won't 5-0 you loose your star of the match ,that's really freaking me out and you pass everything correctly and you draw you got blame for it also why will my player run for the ball and then stand land walk while the opposition run pass him that's annoying you need to fix that if not is really Pissing me off Marvelous

Superb gameplay, very addictive. I am particularly pleased to see my Nigerian league games featured in this game app... Kudos! Well done!!

Hate the fact that so many things are bought in this game. Energy drains fast and gems are so expensive. Other than that cool game Pretty good

Great time killer. Same concept of new Star soccer and much better than that stupid money minded game. Must have

Nice game but what annoyed me most is when I want to play event it doesn't work but as soon as am offline they will alert me there is event available play now when log back they will say no connection please fix it Enjoy it!

Tem que parar de querer força a gente a comprar gemas.. aumentaram o tempo pra subir a barra verde, e São duas gemas pra poder repetir o lance.. Flawless

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