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Not too bad, but training is way too hard, boots should stay longer, passing to team mate is hard because the game always either shoots or passes so softly that the opponent can intercept easily and players have no logic. Even when they get the ball, they just stand there waiting for the ball to be tackled, very less action involved. Works great

This game is alright. It could be perfect once the bugs are fixed. One of the annoying things are the energy that it can be drained from 100% to 0% within 10 mins of playing. Another one is when you shoot or you want to pass. It will be better if you could choose if you want to shoot so that the power will be boosted. I thank the developer for this game... Brilliant

Addictive love it great time killer but if sit to play this game you won't get up but the celebration after winning is not so good 5 star

Addictive best game that I ever played , good graphics, great time killer good game keep it up. Works great

I normally don't rate games but this game is weirdly attractive to me and I love the game Fantastic

This AI on this games rubbish. Ive had my team on 100 for everything fully trained and ypu lose or draw most games. Progress is painfully slow. U cant redo training drills so u end up losing skill points because u cant train. The goal keeper isvteally hard to beat aswell. Download Score Hero instead. Pretty good

Amazing ! This game has a great interface, great control, really attractive and potentially to be the best football simulation game ever. Big thanks to the developer for making this stunning and addictive game. Keep up the good work ! Muito bom!

I'm just finished Season 2 as League winner, but the pop up said I'm the second place. After that, I'm going to new season which is Season 4. Where is my Season 3 ????? Recommend

Thanks for your help in making a donation to be able to get a chance to win a free email servic service and the family and friends and colleagues in your browser does the future of the best way of getting to grips with your friends. love it

Awesome game and very good control with great graphics, I think it's the best game I ever played. Good job keep it up. Not bad

Waht a game downlaod it bSt time killing love it best game i ever downloaded❤❤❤❤ Omg

Good game..not so addictive but it is a great game and idea by the genera games workers. Graphics are so cool. It is the best soccer game ever. Muito bom!

I like it i wish you could add more to it like me having to play a full game controlling my player Marvelous

OMG AWEEEESSSSSOOOMME love the game so good 5 stars no need to say why u already know Good

I think you should make more awesome games like this one think you so much for making this game Worth it!

Best app i have played! Problem... Player ratings are unrealistic and it seems near impossible too get star man when you reach level 5 and also the energy is way too limited the match should carry on with player out of squash resting Great job

Something is wrong. I purchased a shirt two times. But after I quit the app and then opened it again I don't have the shirt. But my money was gone Fantastic

Enjoyable but if there is some tutorials for training skills section it would be better Recommend

Absolute worst game its a score hero ripoff plus its way to hard to level up ur skills without paying real money so u can get boots Good

Love this game only fault I can find if I try is the enemy runs out too quick 5 star game Great job

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