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Love it. I refer to it to support my abstinence. Make me feel better about quitting by seeing how much money I'm saving, goals reached etc it helps! Omg

Fantastic app. Just what you need to help keep you on the right track. Love how I can see the health and financial benefits. All adds up. Brilliant Worth it!

This app is start. The game to beat your urge is helpful. It would be really nice if the health monitor would change with your progress, but it says 1 thing for each section. Also, you can set goals for treats, but there's no reminder when you reach that goal. 5 star

Love the widgets describing changes taking place in your body! And the urge defeating game is sufficiently distracting, even when I'm not even inspired to drink Works perfectly

Love this App! It has helped me to see the benefits of staying sober. I'm 32 days sober and haven't struggled at all thanks to this app! Enjoy it!

Great, wish I'd found it on day 1. Good to see progress and knowing what you're aiming for over the days/weeks/months. Fabulous!

My name is Lee, I'm an alcoholic! If like me you're staying sober but don't like the AA meetings this app is great, give it a try! A few more games to beat the cravings would be good mind. Perfect!

2 weeks sober thanks to this app. Keeps track of your wealth, health and sanity. Great!

The best and I've tried many! Very nice layout, great features i would like a calorie saving feature added if possible! Love the health feature telling Of progress which for me is extremely motivating thankyou to Mario Perfect!

Very subtle (counting days has been a trigger in my sobriety) so no big displays on my phone. I am not 12 step so this app is perfect. Gives me an idea of where I am in healing during my recovery. And the memory game is fun. Muito bom!

Great app to keep you on track and remind you the importance of staying sober from an affliction you have. I don't have a drinking problem, but used this for another issue. Very helpful. Cool

I don't usually rate apps but this app is helping me a lot to stay motivated, even though I cannot drink anymore or I could die because I'm on medication for it and i went into cardiac arrest a few days ago so no more drinking for me. Day 3 of being sober I like the health section that shows cell regeneration, liver, and all that stuff id like to thank the creator of this app. Go well

Love the health charts! Sometimes its easy to forget how much drinking actually impacts your body when you're feeling ok. Acts as a great reminder that it takes time to get your health back. Worth it!

Great app! Very simple and I loved the badges and health charts to show me how healthy I'm becoming simply by not having a drink! But it would be good to have more games instead of the one memory game to 'beat your urge'. And using unhealthy foods as tokens in the game then makes me start craving ice cream and waffles! Maybe you could add some different tokens and another game (or 3)? But great app! Highly Recommend.

I would have given it 5 stars if the heading wasn't easy quit drinking. quitting drinking is not easy. The app is pretty functional though and a supportive aid. thanks Amazing!

I'm really pleased with how the ap is helping and tracking my progress. My only suggestion would be to include more games to beat urges. I find this task helps but I get bored with the same game.. It's been a week now and I'm already feeling better and no longer experiencing as many cravings (and my mood swings are passing) Omg

I wish it wasn't all about giving up drinking completely I just wanted to cut back dramatically and this app has certainly help me do that if I had that feature it would have definitely got a five star Perfect!

I love the badges, the fact that it tells you all about your physical and mental well being. I absolutely live the motivational reminders. I also really live the fact that it keeps count of your days and even up to the hours. Overall, easy to use and no glitchea as of this point. Flawless

I really like the app - especially the Total Health function. I have not successfully quit, however. Instead, I make it for a period of time, eventually have a drink, and have to reset the clock. I wish this app had a community feature so that other users could help me on my journey. Another app advertised such a thing and I installed it to try (features included anonymity, if so desired) but I couldn't get it to work. So, Easy Quit, I'm all yours. Please leery me know if/when you create that functionality. Thanks. Enjoy it!

Great motivational app which I check daily. It's good to see how much positive impact not drinking is having on me and I'm keen to get 100% on all areas (classic over achiever Muito bom!

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