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My signal is good, always 4g. No buffering for streaming video, but got some annoying lag and delay to this game. When i was a sniper, thieves move suddenly blink hard to aim, and when i was thief, got shoot when hiding in fully covered place with no big head on me. Gladly it happen when im at rank 1. This makes me lil bit upset. Great job

Pretty bloody good game for a mobile game. Charming animation and fun gameplay. Tasteful use of microtransactions. Only two issues for me and they're minor. First is I will sometimes get server disconnections, not very often but often enough to be minorly annoying. The second is I've had a couple games now where I go to make my final run to the van as a theif and will put on a disguise or go invisible to get there safely, then the game has stopped right beside the car, invisible and unable to move until the clock runs out. Awesome

Genuinely love the game... Well, other than the fact that half the time it will just reload halfway through a mission and call it a loss for you. Brilliant

Seriously move the stupid emotions button... It's directly in the space designated to move. I can't count how many times I've opened the emojis when I'm trying to move quickly. Change it and I'll 5 star the controls, until then you get one. Omg

best game ever . Even when my account got lost the support team didn't stop contacting me until they got it back for me. if I could give more than five stars then I would happily do so for this great game and great support. thank you and I hope you keep up the great work Superb!

I was told of this game. I was excited to play it. Although I had problems in the beginning with the rules on how to unlock different things, I realized I was still learning how to play the game. I feel like this is the funny Xbox version of "PAYDAY 1 & 2". It's fun and enjoyable. I'll give it 5☆ 5 star

There are lots of bugs while playing. In sniper mode I cannot shoot the last thieves because of bugs. Please fix it and have an update again. I support your game but I cannot play this game well if bugs are not fixed. Fabulous!

The gas traps are way to op. No point in trying to get to the cab, when infected, you die in 3 seconds flat, no way to get rid of it. Alot of thief bugs, such as air support doesn't called in when used medkits when used are ignored. And about 50%chance it will not pick up cash from a downed friend. Fun game, just needs some tweaking. Update:it wont let you diffuse the bomb on a fellow thiefs back, even if you spam click it as soon as he grabs it. love it

I think the team did a fine good job on this one. Although there is a clan, I wish you would add a lobby that would be available to invite our friends to play together. 1 as sniper and the other 4 as theives. I really hope there would be an update on this in the coming future. Keep up the good work! I hope my message will be heard from the team. Thumbs up Just wow

I like it so far 3 days. Rewards me generously. No bully tatics with micro transaction. Fun and thriving online community. Time waster certified. Easy to master. All i can really con about it is that not much variety in stages selection, but thats a reach. Overall great game and due to the simple yet entertaining gameplay you'll definitely get with this game. Perfect!

Usually not a fan of mobile gaming, but this is one of the best I've played. Very fun game, with alot of unlockable content to keep you busy Must have

Used to really like it. Now I can't finish a game without it 'losing connection' so its basically unplayable now. Shame. Perfect

This game is pretty fun. At first during early access, it had its problems and it still does now. But I will say that it is a fun game and I can't wait to play more. Great job

Love the thief campaign. The sniper controls are a little touchy and make aiming a struggle Fantastic

I cant start a match every time i try it starts n then cuts me off saying connection error there's nothing wrong with my internet i checked n my other games work so idk what's wrong if you guys can fix this problem I'll give 5 stars Works perfectly

Absolutely great game, i played it in early access and its true thay it is very addicting. But it gets boring quick as you just grind for stuff, so maybe make it easier to grind for the backpacks and things? Great game overall tho wow lol

Almost most perfect, Controls are great for a touch but it is a touch screen so it can be sloppy. Graphics are great but nothing mind blowing. Awesome game all around, Very addicting!! Great job

It cool but, if you have soo many people playing this game then why do I almost always end up meeting the same people and clan from a previous match. Somethings up, if there were more poeple then I would almost never see them Muito bom!

This Is Soo Fun. But Can You Guys Make The Sniping More Easier Please? I Love The Graphics. And The Move Around As A Thief Is Easy. Cool

Probably one of the best games I've played on mobile for me... but some issues.. often get random connection issues whether it be start mid or end game.. happens wayy too often. Certain it's not on my end seems server side. Regardless still 4 star minimum. my favourite game atm. Just hope for some updates to fix the problems. Then be a 5 star. Perfect!

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