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The gameplay is so fun and I've never really seen a game like it before. The thief gameplay inspires communication and working together. But if that's not for you then there is still a sniper option where you can go solo. Go well

This game is awesome, realistic, fun, and addictive. I love being a sniper, but the being a thief is also great. The graphics are outstanding for this type of gameplay. Hands down this is my favorite game currently. Highly Recommend.

The server is a bit buggy and i dont understand why the commons take longer to cool down than legendaries but overall amazing game, been playing since its beta and i love it, keep up the great work Omg

A bit battery draining and high ping can cause for untimely deaths but a very fun game nevertheless. Good

This game is a great great! time killer....and fun too....there so much happenings that will get u involved a lot and give more fun ....u should download it today Flawless

It's really fun to play and plus it's really wacky and silly.One downside is that it is really hard to get money but that really is it. Perfect!

Great game... but I think there should be a system for when you have max cases, like getting money for the level of the case. Works great

The game is pretty cool. Just wish that you could move by your own instead of going to the green arrows. Brilliant

Its a fun game but i having an issue with server lost a lot i have internet. Shoul fix it Superb!

Please admin my rank 2 progress prizes not accepted whether there is a bug in progress rank. Please help Works perfectly

What ever update you guys did messed it up i know keep losing connection thanks for messing up a good game Superb!

Svt is one of addict game i've ever download. This game wasting your time seriously in early level, but after i reach lv 13 it's kinda boring. I pretty sure it's because too long waiting to open the case or to much gold to open it. And I must waiting 24hours to receive a new sniper/thieves case, it's too long. Feel boring for waiting that. Maybe my opinion can make this game more better in future update. But, big thanks for dev game, you are doing great job so far for this game. Omg

Pls remove the "the only cases you can open" its very annoying you cant open your case makes you stop playing Amazing!

Great game minus the fact that theres a bug for the snipers. I won't say it here so people dont abuse it Fabulous!

Really awesome multilayer game full of adrenaline when you try to snipe escaping theives or when you are the theive who is surrounded by bullets. Works perfectly

Soo good. I played it in early access, got it when it came out and its still as fun as early access! Amazing!

It's awesome but I will love it if you can escape with gold bars and exchange money for gold and gold for money please Good

Seriously... why does it decide to reboot me to the main screen every 3 rounds? I Have strong wifi.... also it glitches out when you get stunned and doesn't let you move the rest of the round. So much potential to be my favorite game but that gets soooo frustrating!! Recommend

I used to play this game 24/7, 2 years back. This game was amazing, addictive and hella fun no doubt. I decided to reinstall it, wondering why I even uninstalled in the first place... but then it hit me... The game is only fun when you're able to actually play it... Been a few hours since I installed and man... The amount of times I had to leave a game due to connection errors was pure BS. P.S. I also lost my previous game data. If I can get that back then no hard feelings I'll still play this game like the old days Superb!

Great game and a huge time killer. Very easy to play and no pressure to play as sniper/ thief if you don't want to, got to rank 6 just by playing thief. MASSIVE issue with this is that there is zero ways to negate the effects of poison. Even if you have a health pack, a high enough level poison is a guarantee one hit KO. Please release an antidote or make a health kit remove / reduce poison effect for 5 stars Well done!!

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