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Update: server crashes alot ,its really hard to reach top 3 rank those player aare pay to win player plus the market sucks Superb!

As the updates made balances to the game everything is perfect, but feel bad for lower levels going against higher during ranked matches. Perfect!

It like everything else but I hate that we don't get gold from anything and that the sniper rifles and that the bags for the thives cost too much and i will love that the cases we get take less time and have even more slots for even more cases Recommend

Nice. But still need some balancing. Score (stars) after game, for sniper user its too not unfair. 5 star

A really fun and addictive game. the only problem i have is the cool downs but other then that it is amazing. Omg

The game is awesome but it always keep constant crashing can you fix this please Flawless

A bit battery draining and high ping can cause for untimely deaths but a very fun game nevertheless. Thieving is a bit bugged. If you get hit with a bomb/mine or exit disguise near truck, your character just disappears and you get caught after the clock runs. I lost over 15 games because of it so far. Please fix. Not bad

I love how it's always updated and improving they even took the suggestion that I made about different color suits sort of wish there was a way to control the color of your suit but other than that fantastic game had it since it came out and it's only gotten better Works perfectly

It is a really good game there is two problems with it it's way to easy to level up in level 9 I've been playing it for 2 days and in a middle of a game it's saying your game is crashed when there is nothing wrong with my Internet it keeps on crashing fix it bow it gets really annoying playstack it keep on saying that the game ended because the connection was lost FIX IT PLAYSTACK Surprisingly

Amazing and i love how yall added the jelly mask amazing how about yall can add a pewdiepie and jacksepticeye mask with jack mask is a septic eye as a mask and pewdiepie with a fist as a mask just to say this is a must get game Works great

Good game overall Enjoy it!

Best game I have ever played in my whole life and I am so proud of you for being so awesome Just wow

Only thing that makes me not want to 5 star this app is the modes, you can't read your purchased modes once there active, and switching out a mode you lose the one the replaced. Other than that perfect vary fun and addictive. Fantastic

This one of the funnest games I've played in a while. Great gameplay, very balanced and it does not force you to pay for play. Edit: now that ive played it a lot. It seems all i play with/against are bots. It lessens the fun. Must have

the game is good but my frnd deleted it so when i re downloaded it frm google play itself it just shows the playstack screen nd then just sit on a black screen...i kept it for one night....nd it was just sitting on the black screen plzz help _/\_ love it

It's the best game ever funny and fun too thx playstack for making oh yes im on rank 8 and im gonna try to go on rank 1 please reply to me playstack Awesome

This game is so freaking fun I love being able to be sniper or the Thief and the track you have to follow it plays great Superb!

I like everything... But i dont like what ur doing with the ability to buy gold and get stuff faster. It might go too far in thr long run Just wow

This game is amazing!, Trust me the more you understand this game you will get addicted to compete with other clans! Highly Recommend.

really fun game. VERY much pay to win but like hearthstone, fun in f2p too. using your currency ~carefully~ and smartly is the key to not spending too much. needs female/nonbinary models tho it already feels really cute. good sense of humour tho needs to get over its similarities to TF2. great action and team play. great competitive layout - i hope it continues to reward playing the long game and balancing your expenditure because I love the management aspect of it. YMMV but probably up there with the most enjoyable android multiplayer games. Great job

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