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I haven't really played this as I was hoping it would be playable with my Nvidia Shield TV 2017 but it seems can't use pad with this which is a huge shame I hope it gets updated to support as this looks awesome and fun But don't fancy playing on my S8+ screen is tiny compared to what my shield is hooked up to wow lol

good graphics! i hope you will add a crate that contains 1 mask that can be bought by 3000 in game money Go well

IT IS REALLY FUN.I Love The Graphics And The Gameplay Is Amazing I Especially Love The Entire Game.But There Is Just One Little Itsy Bitsy Problem The China Map Is Way Too Big So That Means There Is A Lot Of Hiding Spots So It's Really Easy For The Thieves And Hard For The Snipers,But It's Still A Really Fun Game love it

The controls are a little weird but everything else is awesome I love this game but it has been not letting me in the game it says downloading data and just stays there please help Worth it!


Lol to all those whiners.. Just admit you suck at playing thieves Edit- LOL tons of whiners still who can't play thieves are complaining here on reviews.. Admit it game is perfect it's you people who is not Well done!!

OH MY CHEESE!! This game is mind blowing gameplay soooo smooth No connection loss or lag Low battery usage and heating issue But when playing as thief we can select an area of our choice which we want to hide instead we can only hide where there are arrows Solution-Add more areas to take cover please!!! Camera isn't completely open only 180 degree Solution- The devs don't want us to see the low detailed objects/areas Just like North Korea Sarcasm Enjoy it!

Will be an awesome game after fixing the CRASH issue. The game everytime crashes while I play it. Maybe because of a bug. Please fix this issue fast. Flawless

so many bugs. I gotta runaway as s thief but it counted as busted. i got this for many times, please fix it soon. Great job

Really good game love the graphics almost like hello nieghbor and incredibles but nice great gameplay 10/10 Good job. 5 star

I like the game, but, the poison grenade the sniper throws is just too OP. Once infected, there's no getting out of it. Superb!

I would love this game more if there was a friendly battle type thing we're I can be the sniper and clan mates be thiefs, with no end game rewards Fabulous!

I really liked this game even during the beta testing but what i've found is that most gadgets like the trap-avoid boots don't work even though clearly stating that it helps avoid traps 5 star

It fun but i have a small idea,when as a sniper make it so that which depending on the sniper rifle you have,your sniper will have that type of weapon equipped when you are waiting Awesome

Awesome and hilarious... Needs a connection update. Ive been booted from a few games. Great job

This is a great game just put the zoom a little away from yhe sniper cause that mess with my gameplay but besides that its fantastic Surprisingly

Отлично, играть интересно, донат абсолютно не нужен, купил маленький наборчик исключительно в качестве поощрения разработчика. Карты бы только новые почаще. Спасибо за игру. Muito bom!

Great game. If you like sniping and stealing this game is definitely a game for you love it

It's such a fun and engaging game which will always keep you thinking about strategies to get the Pretty good

This game is so fun, it involves strategy and shooting. Who doesn't love those two things in a game!? Fabulous!

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