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Very creative and also like the youtuber mask even though I dont use it and the game is very very super fun this game makes my day and I play at school and now my friends play it good job keep the good work Brilliant

I am hooked. You know I was thinking you guys could make this game for the bigger consoles like Xbox or PlayStation. You could really up tbe gameplay, maps, and controls. Anyway food for thought. You got a great game in this one right here, so good job Flawless

This game is a game I can proudly say I will never delete. I hadn't played this game for very long but I have loved it so much. The game is incredibly fast paced so you can play up to about 4 games in 10 minutes. It's never boring and always keeps you on your toes. Both sides are fun. (I feel the sniper needs a buff but this is just my opinion). Other than that small compliant I love this game. Fabulous!

Love. It. Been here since alpha. Amazing game. Addictive Classic and orginal.Edit: this gane is way different than what it used to be. First it is really hard to earn alot of money in one go of a match. Also why cant we gain experincw after a match instead of having to pay. The price to upgrade gadgets is way to overpriced. And u lose money too fast.theifs earn little money Plz reply and reflect on what i said Go well

OK the game is sooooo fun and amazing but I think you should add a offline mode and please fix the bug where the characters circle in place then moves it wastes a lot of the time Surprisingly

Excellent game! I love that you can play as sniper or thief, makes the game far less monotonous. I highly recommend getting the starter pack bundle for $1.99 USD if you think you are going to keep playing. It's a one time offer that goes away after 24 hours. It includes a sniper rifle that does triple the damage that the starter sniper does, as well as 250k cash and 100 gold and a ton of tokens. Well done!!

Fun game. Great graphics, great concept. But this kind of games can't really get lots of.. ya know... like fame or something. Because games like this, and fps doesnt suite for phones. MMORPG games are better. But overall cool concept ! Worth a go!

Add fellow thieves health bars, show the actual sniper rifle in display after buying and in the waiting time(matching) Do you know injustice 2? in the victory animation theres a slow mo transition. Could you do that awesome thing with both sniper and thief at the selection screen? And just one more thing work with the effects....theyre a bit unrealistic i have been putting a lot a of effort and so far I loved this game... keep up the good work! (Please if you liked the idea, reply, and if you use it, feel free to reward me) ....cheers!!! Pretty good

I do like the game the only problem is the new update in the older versions you were able to get masks from cases but now their only black market the only mask I can think that Isn't in the black market is the elite maverick mask but besides that good Perfect

The thing i dont like is the AIMING it throws me of i click the shoot button while my crosshair is on a thief, and it just goes down Brilliant

i loved the game but since i am playing on my chromebook i cant really play as a sniper as good as ipad/iphone players this game would be amazing if they added computer controlls Muito bom!

Only problem is that it randomly crashes without any error message and it happens before a round starts or before I get my rewards. Please fix this bug Omg

Hey Creators snipervs are 1 hit kill want me to shoot you behind the head because this game is stupid Marvelous

Svt is a great game. I could play it for hours on end. I love that you can unlock masks, bags, sniper rifles, ect. 5 stars All the way. Worth a go!

Please fix this big where well you jumping in the can you can get sniped still because that NEVER happened to me before i could not even do it if I'm a sniper even if i do shoot them well they jumping in the van it does nothing Enjoy it!

While the game is fun, it definetly has its cons. My biggest problem, is not earning rewards. My first encounter with this was watching an ad to get 4k for free, after watching, i got NOTHING AT ALL. My second encounter was with the ranking system, after my second rank completed (reward 4 gold) i had earned nothing! I had my previous amount which was 2, instead of 6! Fix this for a better rating. Fantastic

This game has been amazing since early-access. I have loved it for a long time and will still love it for a long time. One suggestion though. It would be cool if one could emote inside the van once you have got away or have been arrested Amazing!

This game is wonderfuly well done since it implicates new and fresh Ideas on the games similar to this one. Power ups and gear are all awesome. This app offers hours of fun. Well done!!

Problem : I lost my money idr 50.400 for purchasing some case. How can I contact you? Fabulous!

Its fun i got messyourself and jelly for the messyourself mask is MESSEDUP it works for the jelly youtuber one is DAB2018 its cool hope you like them Perfect!

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