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Great game but hard to control the sniper. Pls improve the control of the sniper. Works perfectly

Absolutely astonishing how many times someone can be shot before they finally get "caught." 6? 7? Nope. More. How much more? I don't know I haven't hit anyone more than 7 times. Might be my bad Internet but even so it's ridiculous. Cool

Hey why does every time i play as the sniper when i shoot someone it doesn't damage them and then "LAAAAG!" always pops up pls fix it cuz i really enjoy the game. Fantastic

vFINALLY ITS FINISHED AND ITS AWESOME I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR THE NEXT UPDATE THANKS but game needs a better home screen and a server list and spectator mode Just wow

awesome game but connection is a big problem....its takes much time when this game connecting to server.....also sometimes lost the connection.... please fix it this problem Awesome

Everytime I play it lags like hell please fix it but i like the game LAG WHY IS IT ALWAYS LAGGGG!! Go well

Had my my doubts when i first got this. The game is amazing though and im having a blast with it JOIN CLAN beaztmode Surprisingly

Awesome game !!! EDIT: The connection lost thing is REALLY annoying PLEASE FIX... But keep up the good job guys ! Not bad

Pl zombie stm to get to know that the company and its been awhile to be the same as 5 star

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