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It's really good, but sniping is too easy. I do to easily without having to really predict or track thieves. Just wow

Nothing I have ever played before this game is can't discribe how much fun I had with this legendary game Good

It's really easy to get used to, it's a great at waisting time, and I just love it Highly Recommend.

Very beautiful game but when i updated it it no more works it lags at "snipers vs thieves" screen Works perfectly

Epic quick fun :) could you add a "write us a comment" section so I don't have to write my comment as a review :)? I can't play sniper anymore. It finds players as a thief in like 5 seconds, but keeps searching as a sniper... Also, Maybe the data is against me but it seems far too hard to be a sniper in maps like the village and China town. I always survive as the thief and I never get more than 2 thieves in those maps as a sniper. Again, maybe it's just coincidence, but there seems to be a problem there :). Great game otherwise! Great gadgets, great concepts, good job ! Enjoy it!

This is the best game but there is one problem ... When I try do a heist with my clan members I get put into another heist just by myself.My clan members aren't with me.How can I fix this? Marvelous

This game runs ok, crash now and then, but ads are not thrown in your face as of right now. Point and click controls. 5 star

I love it needs to be able to unlock multiple cases thers way to many to do one at a time opening Good

Probably one of the best online shooters I have played on mobile in a while love the concept great job dev team Highly Recommend.

Great game but most of the time playing as the sniper is frustating because even if I hit an enemy most of the time it doesnt register, may be a clientside problem though like connection. Awesome

It's the best game but it's frustrating because it keeps crashing and you'll have to restart it Works perfectly

It should be easier to gain currency and there should be a different system with case unlocking. Other than that this is a fantastic game. Go well

Fantastic game, need to fix players, playing with poor connections, it makes the sniper fun Well done!!

I like the concept and gameplay. But one problem... Why can't you earn XP from playing the damned game. The only way to get them is by upgrading things. That's just dumb and stupid. How r u supposed to level up without XP? And it's not even easy to upgrade things rather. U need tokens AND money. Please make this happen Devs. Please Omg

I truly love the concept and implementation. I adore the style and the music. This is totally worth your time. But. I. Hate. Lag. I've tried everything, from playing in Net Cafés to playing through other people's wifi. It won't stop. It nearly renders the game unplayable. Oh, you shot him? Nope. Oh, you're still alive and running? Nope. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong and if I am, I apologize, but seriously. This game is fun, so why do I want to break my phone everytime I play it? Just wow

Don't know Where to Start This Game is Great! And that's very easy to say so 5 star rating on me but you need to add more maps more cloths and more sniper skins this is my point of view ....Goodbye.... Cool

Giving 3 stars only for the gameplay.. Also fix the internet connection thing..i play the game using mobile data or a very strong wifi network and in the middle of the heist while my connection is very strong it says "you lost connection"...fix this if you want a 5 star rating. Brilliant

I think this game is worth the time you have available its honesty a good innovate idea that is pretty fun so check it out Fabulous!

Only played for 15 mins and already love it I think this game would be much better if you could also free run and that would also give the sniper a challenge cause I find it too easy. Superb!

Perfect quality. Nice modulation , a lot of choose . FUN and INTERESTING !!! 5+ Amazing!

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