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Very good! I've seen it often on the play store, and I don't know why I haven't downloaded it sooner. Very funny, cartoonish style, cool masks, good, challenging game play, and, most awesome, no pesky energy meters for rounds! It's awesome. You don't need to wait for anything to recharge before you can play again! My only issue is with the sniper controls. It controls well, but can he jerky, making it hard to aim. A tilt-to-aim feature may make this easier. But overall, amazing work! Good

A bit battery draining and overheating issues. High ping can cause for untimely deaths but a very fun game nevertheless. 10 second ads don't count toward the "speed up" for opening cases. It just says "you need to watch the entire video for timer to decrease". Also, lots of sniper aim-bots recently. Needs proper anticheats. Omg

I really advise any one who comes across this game to download's one of the best games I've ever played I'd rather sit down and play this instead of my PS4 you guys who created this need to create a game for a ps4 that would so good Great job

Update: server crashes alot ,help and support doesnt have a function because dev just ignore ur question they wont help at all Brilliant

FANTASTIC GAME!! very addictive and entertaining! The amount of customizing you get to do between character disquise of both Sniper and Thief, the many available skills and abilities to choose from and the mod attachments for the tons of guns and INSANELY AWESOME!! I find myself playing this game hours on end daily waiting for the next contest or awaiting case to open with surprising gifts inside! The option to choose your own routes and safety positions thought every map is yet another great touch added to this game!! Thank you, this game is underrated and the creative team behind the game deserves a big thumbs up! Nice job! Muito bom!

The game is a lot of fun and has a great concept. The rewards are a little unbalanced between thief and sniper leading me to play mostly as a thief for more returns per match. That is my only critique and heartily recommend this game Good

Love the hell out of this game. Only gripe is when you win cases you can only hold 4 and can't delete the ones you want Cool

It's amazing highly recommend it. Only thing I think needs to be changed is the masks are to expensive and it take a bit of time to get one Surprisingly

The game is good and all but the only thing that gets me angry is that when all my slots are full I get a legendary crate. But now that i don't have all the slotes full I don't get legendary crates Works great

This game is outstanding i would never uninstall it withought puting a good review the reason for that is that it is the best game ive found so far. I just think it should be easier to get cash thats all Perfect!

This game is the best i love it but.. the problem is i think theres a bug little bit?When im nearly to the van i was in the van and the sniper shot me and all of the thieves got arreseted but all thieves was in the van im not sure yet if that was right.But Thank you for this game keep up going Cool

This game is great, but there needs to be balance in the ranking system. Everyone I go against has the rank 1 mask and I keep dying over and over again. I'm rank 2, and should play with and against rank 2s because otherwise it will become a game of luck as to what guns and masks they have. The developers should listen, because I gave them money to get stuff, and it isn't even helping me rank up! Also, there needs to be a feature to replace cases when your slots are full, because I keep getting legendary cases after it is full! If this game continues to be like this, I don't know if I can play without raging 24-7. 5 star

Love the game, except for when I'm playing sniper and the guys dodge my shots. Then it gets annoying. But I do wish you could snipe your friends Surprisingly

It was very fun testing the early access! And the thing that i noticed was the new token system. Im not saying the token system was bad, but i liked the older system better. On how there were bronze, silver, and gold stars, and the star depended how good the item was. I was wondering why you changed it. благодаря! Great job

WARNING: YOU WILL BE HOOKED AS SOON AS YOU START THE GAME. The game is really cool, I love the gadgets, the replayability, variety of maps, and how this could be free to play. Even though there are alot of glitches, these improvements will make up for them Great!

The desync is horrible anytime i run from the sniper the bullet does nothing but miss and yet i still take damage but it is a really good game Go well

Great game. I love it. You don't really need to spend money to be ahead of anyone. It's more of a skill game If you have up at your money till level 13 with is pretty fast. Got there on my first day of playing. You can buy a really great bag or a really great sniper. Amazing!

As someone who played the beta version, i can say that this game takes the same aspects and perfects them but also taking new aspects and incorporating them into the play style very well... All in all it's a really fun game considering its free Just wow

Excellent game. Highly replayable. Fun and challenging. My only issue is that emotes switch from one side to the other when playing as a thief vs playing as a sniper. Plus, having to hit a button to fire vs just hitting the right side of the screen is a bit more difficult. Otherwise, almost perfect game. Enjoy it!

It's really fun, has some great mechanics that aren't very common among mobile games, and it is simple to play. But there is one problem I have, which takes place as theif. Sometimes, as I am about to duck down behind cover, there is a short time frame where the sniper is able to hit you even though you are behind the cover. This is for the full covers, not the breakable or the half. They can also sometimes hit you when you are at the full covers, which I hate. The only time I get mad when I die in this game is when the sniper is able to shoot me while I am in full cover or within that short time frame. Marvelous

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