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Pretty good. Played out about a year ago, and I started again now, but what really buggers me is that the shoot and zoom button are on the same side. Can't play like that wow lol

Would be a good game if it weren't for so many game-breaking bugs and glitches on the Theives side. Skipping around, teleporting, camera moving awkwardly (like underground), and just general lag. Awesome

Super addicting! I can't stop playing! It might be a little better if it were easier to acquire masks though. Overall great game! Surprisingly

Haven't played in a while got back into and the game is much better, there a few glitchs like getting stuck etc. But much better then it was. My main problem now is there is some hackers; i vs a sniper that headshot everyone behind cover within 4 sec Amazing!

I don't really rate games, but i've been playing this all day and im loving it. It really derserves 5 stars. It's different, fun, addictive, and just amazing. 5 star

Love the game! Feels balanced at most times! Snipers get some perks thieves get some perks , although it feels a little favored for the sniper because as a thief youre very reliant on your "abilities". Superb!

Very good and funny. Only annoyance is that it keeps losing connection (nothing wrong with internet!) and you have to wait for cooldown on gadgets you haven't used Go well

I would give it more stars but it crashes to much and it is very annoying. Until this is solved I will then give more starts :) Muito bom!

The game is very addictive and is made the best way it can. But since the update, it keeps telling me that I don't have internet connection and I can't finish a game without being kicked. Please do something about it! Perfect!

Awesome game. Its very addictive. When I starts the game I forgot to play another game until my charge of the phone is finished. But is has few areas. If the developer 'PLAYSTACK' add more areas it will be more addictive. Worth a go!

sometimes even i start the game. game get closed. please fix this..and please give the stars in thieves mode as per the player clr the stage.. Just wow

It is a very great game i love you get a choice to choose what rifle and clan and traps and masks u want to use it is amazing u sould get it. Works great

The only thing K would like is to have the clans to be able to have more people in them Highly Recommend.

One of the best games I have played on a phone, Period. Engaging, straight-forward, challenging and fun! I don't usually write out reviews for games but when I do, it really meant something.. Great!

Graphics are fun and cartoony, no lag, games fill up really fast. Ten out of ten. love it

Adding more areas would make the game more interesting with each area having their own abilities Marvelous

I kept passing this game over but then I tried it and I'm glad I did. I'm really enjoying the gameplay and how you can play both sides of the fence. Keep up the good work you guys do. And I will keep playing your fantastic game. Great job guys. Works perfectly

Amazing work done by developer/s and founder/s. Only one thing is disturbing that my game crashes sometimes and I don't know why.. Surprisingly

Lol amazing... this game will make u laugh so hard, someone will think your dumb.. it's better playing when your buzz or bored. I suggest you guys have a good buzz before play!! Works perfectly

This is an amazing game it has what I usually play and it's online top. I usually think games like these will have horrible graphics but it doesn't it really a great game. Brilliant

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