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The game itself is fine. But, when it comes to their game forums that this game is trying to expand, they allow bullying, harassing and making fun of a forum member. It can be a vile environment. Just play the game and don't mess with their forums. It'll be just fine. Omg

Foe higher levels you have to pay money to purchase guns , rubies. Every time encounter glni error to connect to internet. Perfect!

Fun game supberb graphics, but the ads have become overwhelming. Also, there seems to be a delay in receiving the reward after watching and ad with this last update. Worth a go!

The game is the best of its kind. You will be addicted to the gameplay. Very detailed graphics. You will be inspired to be the best sniper you can. Get a memory card, you will need one... Must have

Some sort of error ... After watching the ads they dnt give rubies etc. The developers look into it ASAP Pretty good

I have a decent internet connection yet it won't connect. Fails to load and Ask to check my connection every time i try to open it. Some elements like the missions and contracts should be made available offline. Surprisingly

I love the game it is very addictive they could have better controls and A bigger variety of Clan battles to help build your strength Also would be better if you could earn more items through gameplay rather than having to buy them Just wow

Event missions have a very hard degree of difficulty ,specially the last mission where we have no time to gather the parts needed to upgrade the event weapon. Of course I could pay to get rubies, but I watch tonnes of ads to get stuff. But even so, the missions should have the option to skip them,with rubies of course, even if we don't have enough power on the weapons. Brilliant

The game is great and lots of different missions and gun upgrades to choose from but the adds and the loading​ imbetween missions is a little aggrivating but one of the best app shooter games iv played. Im getn to where i play it daily lol. Perfect

Suddenly trophy league is not working... Its shows u have to win one match to get into leaugue and if I play i still dont get in that leaugh...i was in silver league n nw i have more cups than before but still still showing not joined Amazing!

This game is honestly amazing! I mean even the death graphics are on point! My only problem is that when even a small tap hits the screen during a bullet cam it goes instantly to the victory screen. Great!

Too many ads It is very enjoyable to play but the controls are not very good and has so many bugs, sometimes i can't collect my reward and i can't receive the free resources, need improvements. Pretty good

Best game I ever played but if we could play against each other it would be better. We should get gears faster Great!

So many 30 sec ads you get turned off quickly. Not to mention I'm at stage 6 or 7 and I don't have gun powerful enough to do any of the missions and I've completed all the previous missions I refuse to spend any money on this game to get a weapon.. To make it short there are way better similar games to this that are far superior and you won't need to worry about being frustrated or falling asleep watching the 5th ad in 6 missions ridiculous Fantastic

I've played this game before and decided to get back into it. The game play on here is awesome. Keep up the good work. The only thing I can figure out is how to change your bullets with the different prints. Other than that this game is really fun to play. Enjoy it!

The game is good in everything but only one thing i dont like is it require Data network. Upgrade so it wont be only when u have internet u can play it. Good job hope to get your upgrade soon Superb!

I loved it till you get to dam then after that you have to buy a gun to Proceed and it get boreing real fast after that point Pretty good

I like it. Just takes too much to upgrade weapons. Now when I try to get the free chests it say connection too low so I exit out and restart to open another. It is getting really annoying having to do that with every chest. Worth it!

Why do ppl play this game when they all they do is moan...i found so easy game hasn,t frozen...ive rated it 5...the graphics are good...and why is it when you download a game like this the woman always has big boobs... (why)....for those whose play the game and moan about my answer is ...DONT BLOODY PLAY IT..... Great job

Please help guys! After resetting my phone, I can no longer access my account. I used Facebook and Google play games to save progress. I've emailed support and contacted you guys through facebook but haven't heard back. Two days ago I was thirty trophies away from diamond league and I've got an active Ruby subscription so this shouldn't be difficult to track down. Please let me know if there's anything I can do to speed things up. Thanks! Muito bom!

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