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Better if PLAYERS could make a one-time purchase of the game without ads. Furthermore, use individual game-play skills to upgrade equipment/personnel without constant bombardment to make small/large purchases for tokens, rubies, dollars, gold to simply play a game. Jesh! Enjoy it!

This is the best game I have ever played. Insane graphics. Good control.beautiful locations. Guys this the best sniper game ever played . Muito bom!

Fun game but if there's a game that's more pay to win I haven't seen it as well as ads wherever they could conceivably put them. Uninstalled. Steer clear unless you're loaded Must have

Alot of ads, and self promotion ads so it got a bit annoying as it went but both me and my dad play yet the overall gameplay is good but gets repetitive Go well

Pretty fun game, unfortunately it's designed as a money sink, even some PvP rewards require you to pay for them. Don't yet know whether it's worth investing any money into. Visuals 5/5 game play 4/5 Go well

Used to be a fun game but now all the ads have sucked the fun out of it. Now its just annoying and frustrating. Recommend

The best f****** shooting game on the Play store today better than Xbox 360 s f****** Call of Duty sniper Fury is the s***play it therapy for me Works perfectly

Ok over all 9/10 the fact that I don't die is both nice and sometimes boring but they should add some engagement and weapon change Works perfectly

The game is well made. But it's endless upgrades just out of reach, endless advertisements at 30 seconds each, and it's so expensive. When did mobile games go from five dollars to fifty and hundred dollar packages? And if you want a decent weapon you have to pay, because the earned weapons are underpowered. Go well

There is a little bug, once you go for choosing flags of countries, you can not move back... Please check Worth it!

This game is very addictive but is expensive I have to download the missions when they are finished but overall the game is nice Muito bom!

It would have scored higher...but it kinda reset my progress...still playing it though so there's that. Flawless

Sorry to say I'm unsubscribing. This is a really good game & most of the time I had fun. I'm just tired of paying to progress, I was even a subscriber for the jewels but enough is enough. After spending so much you just want to be able to play. I stand by my 4☆ rating, I'm just done. Must have

Used to be a great game, but I have given up on it after the last update. Connection errors abound. Having to click "Retry" up to 10 times, trying to just start the game, nevermind the many times it disconnects during play, has sucked all the fun out of it Surprisingly

I think this game is awesome you must just anderstand it and will be nice if you download it have passion for it play nice and you will. Works great

Gaming experience is really good, User experience is average, bugs persist even in the new update 5 star

Every thing is good but net back up in every situation is a negative thing I consider as. 5 star

Controls are a little difficult to aim and shoot on the go (simultaneously) everything else is ok with me, love the graphics Marvelous

Love the (insert advert here) game but with so (another advertisement) many adverts it's (AGAIN ADVERT) more psychological warfare then enjoyable at this point. It's literally the same two or three commercials after every segment that you do. After playing it for 20 minutes you have the commercials memorized. It's no longer enjoyable. The ads are Beyond ridiculous. Do yourself a favor and avoid this game. And don't get hooked on it. Good

Balance is strange. I have 17 level, but sometimes my base attacked gamers with level 50 and upper. After last update 'server reconnection' alert appears very often, more than 10 times during 1 hour (note: internet connection on my device is good). Perfect

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