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The new update is crashing the game now and then.. before it was good but now it's just a nuisance Superb!

After updating why does i have to redownload the data? On a slow network it took me 40 minutes Go well

The game always has update. Please put the update file size since not all players are connected to wifi so that we will know if our data plan is enough to download the update. Perfect!

Simply awesome!!!!! Customer Service of gameloft is fantastic!!! What a game guys... Enjoy it!

One of the best game time consuming and easy game play with lots of free gems to collect and upgrade Works great

Game is incredible good, but every 2min you get a comercial in.... this is the reason why he get from me only 3 * Perfect!

I only like the graphics of slow motion........others graphics are not that's much good......try to improve them.... Worth a go!

I love the game and I play it every day but in new update why can't i play in contract's to earn extra money??? Perfect!

It's a great game and I can't stop playing it. The only downside is that there are only a few weapons that you can purchase with cash, if you want stronger weapons you must wait for blueprints and it is very hard to get so please make stronger weapons which can be purchased with cash. The rest is great, graphics, gameplay everything is great. Just make mors weapons which can be purchased with cash. Please Flawless

Great game, except Gameloft has a bad issue with Modern Combat 5. I haven't been able to play in 3 days, for an issue I have nothing to do with. I'm not happy about it. Muito bom!

Awesome gameplay, amazing graphics. Solid storyline, authentic weapons. Not an offline game, but well worth the download! Perfect!

This is how the double agent looks like... Learn grammar! You are professionals! GRAMMAR! Also, forced ads suck. Reward ads only. That's the way to go. I close the game if a forced ad shows up. Highly Recommend.

Insane graphics! Lots of different games within the game. Super addictive! Best shooter I've ever played! 5 star

Anyone else tired of replaying event missions to get no upgrade parts? I missed out on the Rambo M60 and the Zombie gun. I played 5 missions more than 20 times each trying to get 6 plasma cores. It's a good game, but I'm losing interest. The only way to get cool new weapons is to spend a hundred dollars. Enjoy it!

Sniper game with lots of variations. The game provides options for sniper missions, as well as other missions (assault, event etc.). There is some strategies involved, so this is not a boring shooting game. I love the graphics and the animations of the enemies getting shot (reaction to shots) and scared bystanders. Missions are progressively challenging. Good game Great!

I play this game in windows mobile and Android mobile. in windows fire to target movement is nice. but in Android its too fast and I can't control this very well. If this give some control option for Android it will be nice. but overall it's just awesome. I love to play this game. Pretty good

The only problem I have is that I can't find the clan chat for extra credit card. Just wow

I like the game but I think it sucks that you only allow Facebook users to back up game progress! Not everyone uses Facebook so I think that you need to incorperate Google Play Games into the backing up of game progress. I lost ALL my progress when I got a new phone. I was ranking number 1 in the world before I changed phones, I had heaps off great weapons and defences! It's just totally wrong that you ONLY use Facebook as back up! Also, why have Clans when there's zero ways of actually inviting ANYONE into our clan from within the game? It's just dumb! Not happy Gameloft! Not happy at all! wow lol

All around a cool game..but the controls used to hang in the middle of the game....and most irritating is finding weapons part from chapter 6/7..its not easy and we can't buy weapon parts also Flawless

Good game...but the thing is that the loading time is more than the playing time..needs a change like to play for at least 5 mins ...after playing each stage it needs to load again and every time...that's really annoying.. Thanks Works great

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