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There's not a really lot to say, the game is awesum! Graphics are 1st class, the game play is one of the finest on the market. If I had to pick something I'd ask for a medkit to patch yourself up if needed. Maybe there is one and I haven't gotten to that yet. There are a handful of games that are top of the line like " Kill shot" and "Kill shot bravo" this game belongs right up there with them. Just the right amount of action, you didn't kill it with ads with is a definite deal breaker in gamers heads. So for right not just keep up the excellent quality work!!! Show the other game developers how it's done. You've set the bar, not I dare them to beat it or exceed it!!! Must have

I like the game good graphics easy controls . BUT I know you have to pay the bills, with that being said there are WAY TOO MANY ADS give us a break when a player goes for the the chests or ruby's we have to watch ads on top of the ads you interrupt the game play with. Enough already, I'm sick of the ads to the point of I will not buy anything that I saw advertised while playing the game. Brilliant

Its showing error : glnx. What does it mean? Everytime its showing make sure ur device connected to the internet. Even if 4g data connection enable. Works great

I love the game so far everything is working good and I'm enjoying myself playing the game Perfect

The game is good! But the system to upgrade the vault capacity for gold, to then upgrade the weapons, is so ridiculous!! Works perfectly

I like this game But the biggest issue is that it is getting disconnected and takes too long to re connect. Inside the game i find that guns graphics is silly and kiddish with balloons and banners on guns... Really... Balloons ? Another issue is that at lower levels clan war brings no good benefits, core upgrade costs are so steep to even try to attempt it, rubys cost too much, snipers and assault rifles often look the same except stickers. Perfect!

Balance is strange. I have 17 level, but sometimes my base attacked gamers with level 50 and upper. After last update 'server reconnection' alert appears very often, more than 10 times during 1 hour (note: internet connection on my device is good). After one more update it's impossible to play more 30 minutes. After this time game start to work slow. Flawless

Sniper furi is amezing game, but last update some issue in game, multy time game reconect auto matik's Not bad

Game is very nice, but it is disconnect automatically. My connection is always better. Please solve the problem. Great!

I want to love this game bit it's so expensive. If you spend 50 or 100 dollars, you get good weapons and high level squad members, everyone else will struggle. The new weapon upgrade system will take years to upgrade a weapon, unless you buy lots of chests for lots of money. New update is glitchy and horribly laggy. Missions aren't playable. Works perfectly

Is anyone else having trouble with the game lagging during missions etc.? I've had to remove my battery just to get out of the game while it's frozen or lagging sadly?! Tech Support for this game! Do you hear my plea?! Hah I even removed it from my phone and downloaded again! Ahh other than that... I can not.... Put this game down! Highly Recommend.

No words bruh! Kudos game, whiskey tango foxtrot.? That was an amazing experience literally just felt like I was in a Warfield Surprisingly

Great game, nice graphics, I like it. You can't play without an internet connection though 5 star

Let me experience first I'm quite sure this game would me more exciting than my expectations...... Great!

Good graphics and performance but every steps are small please make bigger stage and play at least 5 min so gamer will enjoy and play continue... Pretty good

I just can't believe how expensive this game is. New update is glitchy and horribly laggy. Missions aren't playable. Enjoy it!

I hate the new upgrade. It's been lagging a lot. I have to restart my phone every time. Will you have another update? Not bad

After the latest update the game seems to lag way too much.The developers look into it ASAP Surprisingly

The game is nice but the missions are way to short.. I spend more time on loading a mission than on playing it... Amazing!

This game is very useful in teaching the breathing method of balancing the target within the kill zone Good

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