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Waited for it! That's exactly what I wanted to play from very long time. And of course with Gameloft's full power presented again! Perfect

WOW A GOOD JOB DONE! The game is so good and the graphic are good too.Its best story mode ever.The others are repeating and repeating the same missions and is getting harder and harder but this one is not tat kind.☺ Just wow

I need offline game As the big fans of gameloft, i want an offline FPS games. And i hope you can do it better than this. Addicting!

Would give more stars if.... I would gladly give this game 5 stars, even 10 stars if possible if Gameloft had the common courtesy to enable offline gameplay. 5 star

Sniper fury Very good game gloft, it keeps you playing and energy restores quick so that is good also. Very impressed Works perfectly

Disappointed Gameloft you disappointed me you should have made the game more like Modern Combat 5 Recommend

Please..please... Awesome!!! but one thing i don't like! Cuz everytime you had a latest game release,i can't enjoy playing all the time because you put in internet required,can u please do it as an offline version so that i can play whenever i want & not worried for Internet connection,please go offline for my request please be grant!!! I beg you...i am da 1 of biggest fan of gameloft games from java,symbian to android games. Great game

Sniper Fury Love the first few seconds of it and great graphics. And will be looking for future updates and more game play in this game and more ways for new plays thanks. Worth a go!

The game is good There's a tiny problem, you know the tutorial wants me to upgrade my sniper? I can't, because there's no upgrade button, i tried to redownload.. It still the same Cool

AMAZING GRAPHICS AND GAMEPLAY The game is really good the graphics are amazing and the gameplay is smooth the slow motion bullet is always need in a sniper game and this game slow motion bullet more unique then the other bullets I saw in other games love it

good i cannot give u 5 stars coz on my samsung galaxy note2 the sounds of the game is not working at all. More fun

Xperia Z I run it on max graphics, it looks pretty good. Gameplay it's quite unique compared to other sniper games in the market but it does the same mistakes. You're in a position pretty close to your target, 1-2 meters higher, no cover, you can't change the position, but until you shoot the enemy doesen't see you. Works great

Bugg I can't upgrade my assault rifle plz help and graphics are not that much good in my phone even in better quality plzz improve it tooo n I ll give it a 5 star Marvelous

Nice mate! Its kinda like modern combat and hunting game from company like super GLUe, blended and walla!! Masterpiece Can't stop!

Awesome Graphics are amazing on high quality, controls are nice and smooth only thing I don't like is the energy bar Pretty good

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