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I like this game, graphics and gameplay are good. The reason I give it four stars is because the second level doesn't load; it always says downloading but isn't downloading anything!

I like this game, graphics and gameplay are good. The reason I give it four stars is because the second level doesn't load; it always says downloading but isn't downloading anything

This game is one of the worst , way too much AP and you have to play the freaking missions over and over again! I wish the old gameloft was back.

First off this is a fun game but there is one major problem. You have to spend money to progress. There is almost no other way around it. Basically there are only 4 weapons that you can buy out 20 and of those weapons they take about 7 days of farming constantly throughout the day and are still garbage compared to the other weapons. Is this game worth your time, not really. Unless you want to drop $40(FYI price on the gems aka special money is way overpriced) on getting good weapons. Now theoretically you could get the good weapons overtime like 5 to 6 months but it's not worth the time.

Good game so far, but I'm at the point where the chick advises me to upgrade my defense/backup/team and when I press on the + icon it brings up her speech, two soldiers in the background but nothing to tap, no instructions... It's just frozen on that part of the game with no way out..

Running on the MC5 engine, this game does what it says. Absolutely gorgeous graphics, varied enemy behaviour, and bullet time effects are just some. Unfortunately, because of the identical engine to MC5, it also uses some identical assets, which really breaks away from the "AAA" experience. Bite-sized missions are also fun and adrenaline-rushing, as you swipe to line up that headshot. But it's simplicity is what makes it fun to me. You don't move, just shoot. This allows me to jump on for a few minutes, and go off quickly. Energy is here, just like MC5, but it recharges fully in about an hour, so you don't have to wait long before hopping on back to the battlefield. Overall, a great game that's freemium and begs for your digital wallet, but plays smoothly as you'd expect.

But it crashes all the time. Crashes at least twice every game play. I would give it 5 stars but until they fix it it's only 2

The best thing (in my opinion) is the fact that the recoil and spread of the the weapons is more realistic than ANY shooter for iOS, it was easy once i let go of playing a shooter and felt the gun out, I'm an expert marksman with a pistol and years of experience with most other firearms. The one thing i don't like is that the price jumps for weapons are outrageous, and i even dropped 50$ right away and still had to scrape by the skin of my teeth to try and get a proper militia. Granted it could be done with more time but i wanted to experience the weapons, handling time feels short lived with the (amazing) pacing of missions coupled with the requirements for advancing. My favorite shooter ahead of kill-shot bravo now.... Kinda reminds me like a distant cousin to the newest metal gear, (sounds and cinematography) RAG-DOLL had feeling yay!!

This game is amazing but there is a couple of minor problem like the explosions go away to fast with the fire and after the the last 1 or 3 shots for the assult rifle or the sniper, once they die they shake like they have a heart attack.

Everything with the game is fine , just there a one trouble about the real money in-game purchases, i spend 19.99 dlls in a crate of 500 gems , and it sayed 25% Free , wheb i bought it it only gave me 500 gems , so where are the 25% Free gems amount , please Fix this.

Good game but wish there were improvements such as being able to get those handy locators for some of the missions as its difficult to do so without them.

It's easy and fun to play. Major drawback is the jump in gun's level required jumps too much too quickly which leaves you two choices: either you do the in app purchase or you stop playing the game. Game wise when you play higher lever targets the opponent is so tough that they can take three shots in the head makes the game feels like zombie killing instead of a sniper game. It's a good game and I am a fan of Game Loft, just the push for in app purchase is too obvious in this game.

This game is so good the graphics though and it reminds me modern combat 5

The game is good just could do with been abit faster like upgrading people but my main point is I came 8th in the leaderboard on the 13th November and I haven't got my reward for it

The games concept of the game is cool and amazing, but the game itself isnt good, either the camera goes way to fast or way to slow. My friends said the same thing i do recommend it if you are a fan of hard turning cameras, and timers that goes on your nerves. But for me this isnt good.but the concept is so yeah, idk its.meh

The only downside is you have to pay to get weapons that can do the job. Which is how free games make money, but the game is really fun

Awesome! Nice graphics, good flow, keeps you going whenever you have a short or bigger break from work. Even started a competition in the office, fighting over the events' ranks. Fun

Awesome! But.... The game have a low resolution or the game have lame graphics on my phone. The graphics are not the same at the screen shots. Please fix that. My phone is samsung galaxy s duos 2. Thank you! Great!

Good DL this game Good game not many if any adds. Only thing I don't like is its a stand still game. I know its the type of game,but would be awsome'er if u could walk around!!!!!!! Just saying Well done!!

Great game but iap are pushing? No lied I saw the trailer it look good as I playing it the game run smooth and graphic are cool and cmon to get good guns you gotta put real money it's hard to go thru mission and you gotta keep upgrading guns like I cant get no where near buying a new gun Super fun!

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