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quite fun but crashes and when it crashes and you are halfway a level you lose. that doesn't really matter but if you are playing PVP you will lose trophies even when you were going to win also if it crashes when you are playing drone ops halfway your progress since the last checkpoint will all be erased Flawless

Yo I love the graphics, the gameplay and all that stuff but i also liked the fact that you could press the exit fullscreen button and it would download in the background Marvelous

Very addicting, awesome if you are not able to possess a fire arm and wamt to defend your video game. Lmao. Muito bom!

I have a decent internet connection yet it won't connect. Fails to load and Ask to check my connection every time i try to open it. Some elements like the missions and contracts should be made available offline. Edit: why is it redownloading gamdata over again. I just dit it a few days back.? Why can't you just merge the app and data into one.. Downloading game data after every update is frustrating... Great job

I love the game. Bug it always crashes. Alot! When I go to a mission , after a mission, after doing pvp, fix it thrn I'll give a 5star rating. But I really love it so pls fix it Pretty good

Is very annoying that to make any pogress you have to buy items with real $. Game should be able t play in all levels without paying real life money Brilliant

quite fun but crashes and when it crashes and you are halfway a level you lose. that doesn't really matter but if you are playing PVP you will lose trophies even when you were going to win Well done!!

I guess this is the best game one can have in a phone.. graphics, slo-mo, real-time shooting experience and lots more.. it just lacks a little bit of tactical gaming concept.. otherwise, it's simply fabulous to have it.. Addiction alert !! Omg

What the hell is this game,now is too hard to get weapons blueprints,battle box price increase when your chapter go further,and this game become pay to win game after chapter 6 Great!

Great game... switched phones and it deleted all my progress and can't figure out how to get it all back... wow lol

I love this game I play it more than any other game I have. It has good graphics a nice gun rotation and it's really addicting. Pretty good

Game is great...Customer support absolutely sucks like a toothless hooker. Iv had numerous problems with the game freezing, crashing etc. OVER 6 months ago, I contacted customer support. To date, the only response i received was automated. They didn't fix the problems, and the automated response is generic. IF YOU EXPECT ANY REAL CUSTOMER SUPPORT, YOUR SHT OUT OF LUCK. Cool

Great game with fantastic graphics and controls! I would only prefer a bit longer missions, just couple of more targets per mission. One of the best (if not the best) action games for sure! Fabulous!

The game is awesome but I see no options to add squadmates only dismiss them.if we have option ratings will increase Well done!!

Overall good game and addictive.. beware!! Couple of bugs that need fixing though Perfect

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This game would be much better if it didtn freeze and then have to load again... causing you to loose.. energy..time..rubies. Fabulous!

It started to hang after recent update... play for 20-30 min... it started hanging... need to fix... love it

I love this game. but from some days its struck whenever I want to play or fight... Please fix this.... Perfect!

خیلی جذاب و عالی و در هر روز تازگی و جذابیت خاص خودش رو داره واقعا سپاس Works great

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