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Now i have nother pb..when i try to open is say i dont have cnection on net..bu my wii fii is strong...i move on..from past when i lost my i have 53level and i can't open the game...i uninstall it.. And install back to see if the problem persist...soo?? Great job

I am impressed. Nice graphics and fun to play. Thanks GLU. Loving this with my Shield Tablet. Awesome!!! wow lol

Reconnecting Problem and all the time. i will use 150mbps Wi-Fi but they don't work reconnecting again and again... Must have

One of the top rated Sniper Game, Gameloft is the king of Mobile games, Very good game Brilliant

Stop Responding After the update, it began to stop responding, so if you please help me with it. Worth it!

Great game with amazing graphic...moreover pretty beautyful lacation.. with insane control... Omg

Review update. Much improvement with the latest updates. Thanks guys/gals. Wonderful game. Thank you. Missions should be longer btw x Muito bom!

Great game, amazing controls, and pretty real graphics.. if you like sniper games you should download this one Worth a go!

Your latest update is worst game sound was gone sometimes and game is too lagging many times my phone is capable but game hanging plz fix bugs 5 star

Its not to bad of a game , for a game anyways.just wish that i could play it on something else besides my phone Perfect

Superb addictive game and the game play was awesome, at least I used to play 5 times in a day Fabulous!

Enjoy the game play. Good graphics. Have not experienced any significant issues so far Go well good graphics very additive I've had to reinstall this game on a new phone and lost all my progress not happy as all I've spent I've lost and had to start again Go well

I really enjoy this game. The ads are not like a lot of other games. With free games there are going to be ads. graphics are good. Highly recommend. Superb!

Aiming reticle for Jackal's Reckoning is complete garbage. Can't stop playing this game, but hate how expensive it is. Still has several glitches. When attacking bases and molotov guy throws, I get teleported under the stairs where I can't see anything before I die. Perfect!

Game keep locking up and stealing my jewels also exotic guns are too hard to aquire not enough time on clock to accomplish the task Cool

Great graphics good games but bad & hopeless to buy a gun, must find in chest or battle or blablabla wasting time! cannot buying a gun with gold.. and the rubies is very expensive.. wow lol

Great for a free game, but I can see myself uninstalling in the near future. Game bullies you into wanting to know your location all the time. You either submit or close the game and reopen. It's not necessary!!! Surprisingly

Global chat is about chatting not a soliciting site. Fix problem or lose my account. Great!

Please increase the quality of graphics more and more like play station4,if possible.please add vibration mode in explosions and injuries for more excitement.please improve the graphics of people and enemy.please improve the graphics of my character in the gameplay screen.please improve visuals and effects to the high degrees.please improve encounters,conflicts,actions,fights,battles,challenges,damage,risks and explosions to be more real,exciting and attractive.please add heavy artillery to smash the enemy forces.please add AK-47 in the next version seriously.Give me new versions monthly with all improvements of game performance.I have a request from gameloft,please design a game like death race movie with high graphics,great weapons,cruel fire and bloody deadly roads. Fabulous!

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