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Game is good. But after the last update, I experienced some bugs, and support care cannot fix them yet.I have my supreme battle packs however I cannot open them during the event. Not bad

Love the game just get tired of losing my abilities when the game has to go into a shut down and it has been doing that for the past week and a half I have lost numerous rubies cockle shells gold and trophies because of this and have written to you numerous times I wish this could be fixed thank you Worth a go!

Jitni galiya do kam hai sale internet connection मांग रहे है don, t download this game hated it Must have

The game is nice but a most big problem is when i make a clan. And add caln mambers . After few days clan leadar has been autometicly change. Omg

Play this game before I just lost all my stuff it was on a different account so I'm just starting all over but this game is really good I've been playing it since the beginning Highly Recommend.

After new update, game is suddenly stop responding... Not able to play more than 2 minutes Pretty good

It always stops........fix it........ cannot watch video to get items....... stopped working Well done!!

I am in love with this game. It is somewhat easy and entertaining. And that slow motion part is just heart robbing...... I truly love this game..... Cool

Since latest update I am unable to load the game. It says verifying files and doesn't load! Awesome

Really good game got me hooked hard been playing every chance i get only thing is that i wanna to spend money but just to expensive for the little amount of stuff you get even on big purchase cant get much with it other than that wicked game thanks. Perfect!

Its just amazing. Some reconnecting prolem. But it just a certain time.. Other wise all good. Its main attraction are graphics. I am very much satisfied. wow lol

Post recent update, game hangs after each ride. It will be great if you guys can fix this issue immediately Worth it!

A lot of fun. I really like how you can just loot other people while killing regular enemies. Must have

Such a fantastic game but don't know what's going on, application not open,line complete 70 percent then stop on 70 percent please resolve it. Cool

S7 Samsung edge phone keep crashing after the update. Please fix it. The game is fun. Unable to get free rubies today. Problem loading ads. Please fix. Muito bom!

Game keep locking up and exotic guns are too hard to aquire not enough time on clock to accomplish the task made it to level 55 and locks up constantly Highly Recommend.

After updating for new version the game was started stucking plz clear that one not to stuck really I like this game I don't want to uninstall this game plz see that not to stuck the game in between Fabulous!

After last update couldn't play more than 4 minutes continuously.. It hangs before that.... Not able to dealt damage to Clan boss... (can attack but not dealt damage) Perfect

Taking too much time to start on wi-fi and on 4g network also Please fix it asap wow lol

Still graphics and game mode can be better but still one of the best sniper games played Works great

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