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Lags, freezes, & crashes way too frequently. Once resolved, I'll give it the 5 stars it deserves. Go well

Great game . Superb graphics and great event rewards. Good. But till now I faced one problem, after finishing some level I didn't got rewards or cash. For some time the game stopped. Then again I had to play same mission again, then I got reward. And about add, after watching add I didn't get any rewards for watching it. So please resolve these problems. Any how I love this very much. Works great

this is an awesome ASS game EXCEPT 4 THE time's that the game playing slow's down 4 no reason & some time's can't control the weapon but besides that I'm GLAD TO HAVE FOUND THIS GAME & STARTED PLAYING.ALSO WISH THAT WE CUD STILL PLAY WITHOUT HAVING ANY KIND OF INTERNET CONNECTION AS WELL. Awesome

A very good game with awesome graphics. Worst thing about it is that you need a reliable internet connection. If this game would be cloned or updated to an even bigger game that is fully offline I would pay for it. Not much wrong with it otherwise, recommend to people with fast networks, and lots of time as u will be hooked. Hope problems described above get fixed. Recommend

I was loving the game but I didn't like the updates and changes, especially the rank system. I spent money for this and I do not think it's worth it anymore. Sorry but I'll probably just uninstall it cause it's just not fun anymore. Highly Recommend.

At first I really didn't understand it the games, but now i'm getting pretty good at it, and learning more as time goes by, the game is awesome. Try it you are gonna get hook like I am now. Loved this game!!!! Perfect!

Great game, very addictive. Tons of different types of action so never boring. Outstanding graphics too. Huge download tho, and takes a bit to load, probably not good for slow connections. Great job

Only one complain yesterday with more than 1900 trophies I was in gold league III and today with same number of trophies I am in bronze league III why so? Perfect!

This game has excellent graphics the controls are fairly simple it's not too difficult to play this game it's a lot of fun and a good time killer literally Fabulous!

The game isn't awful, well until you hit Region 6 and realise you need to spend 2000 rubies each on two new weapons to be able to progress. Rubies are 99gbp for 2000. So to progress you need to drop 200gbp. It's pointless thinking that you'll get gun parts from free crates as they're rare and then you need 30 of them to unlock the weapon. Your only hope is that you'll enjoy the base pvp mode as you can level that and hit people and progress slowly in that area. Don't get me wrong, the game doesn't suck and has many great qualities but the giant damn PayWall is a mood killer. This game isn't worth 200gbp to play longer. Highly Recommend.

Loved it. Wish I could sell mu old guns. And I hope you guys work on the sound of the sniper riffles it needs to sound mean. With some eko, bt still great game 5 star

I can't play the game on my Galaxy S7 Edge .  After downloading and installing, when I try to start the game I get this:  "Checking required files"  and then:  "A problem occured and the download could not be completed succesfully. Do you want to restart the download? An unstable network may cause problems when downloading"  As far as I know I don't have any problems with the internet as I can download anything from Google Play and i have got far more then plenty of space on my phone aswell . Pretty good

Way too expensive, and glitch after glitch. Can't load my save game after install on my new Pixel 2 xl. Favorite mobile game right now, but might have to uninstall and move on. Great job

Game is awesome. Graphics are good, but be prepared to be bombarded with ads and it takes FOREVER to load each mission. For every 5min you spent playing, you will spend another 2 waiting or watching ads Flawless

Never gonna get more than 3 stars because it's ridiculously expensive. Fire-eater shoots through enemies. One glitch after another. Can't transfer to new Pixel 2 Xl. Says logging as me will delete game. Customer service won't let me email customer service. Surprisingly

It's a very great Game! Nice graphics and great missions as well, the controls are easy to learn however the scope's sensitivity tends to fluctuate a little when I am trying to lock on a target. Overall, it's a very great game! Just wow

The game is nice but, please make a change in gameplay ie, allow us to move. That's it. Thank you. love it

Its a great game, i just wish you didn't have to pay real money for almost everything. Fabulous!

It's to play but Your Event is not Synced with Normal Play... As in WAA event... Please do some work on this... Awesome

Tremendouz graphics,,all in one,i played other on line games b4.but the sniperfury is really the best ever,,like no others.. Brilliant

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