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Has that 'Cool' effect of a game. But clearly seems a money making app for the creators, as their r a ton of pop-up ads and watch-to-gain ads. In-app purchases are very expensive. Also seems to have some glitches where winnings arent processed after a successful mission. Recommend

Great game!! Please bring back the "double glazed" assault rifle!! I want it so bad!!! Keep up the good work gameloft! wow lol

My automatic sniper rifle turn to bolt action after upgrading it,I have 2 supreme packs but I can't open it b'coz the supreme packs gone in packs menu. Please fix this.... Brilliant

My mobile is Samsung Note 4 I install the game but it automatically stop after I try to open.what's the problem Awesome

There is some kind of bug while starting yhe game.. this is occurring after last update... Please resolve the issue asap.. after all good game. love it

Some of the challenges should be available off line, too much interbet data consumption! Otherwise very enjoyable game. Fabulous!

What's going on?! U OK?! You're not worth it! That's my comments. Well, Take a breath.... Cool

Very good game with lots of features. The graphics are awsome, but the controls sometimes make it hard to find your opponent when your zoomed in. Fantastic

This Game feels really real I liked it the graphics the sensitivity all are rly good u should download it Go well

I'm stuck because I played as far as I could. Now I need stronger weapons but I can't level up to save enough gold. Just wow

It's a very wonderful with some very intense graphics and well put together..i give it 5 stars wow lol

Brilliant game play and enjoyment. The storyline could do with some better writing and improvement to maintain a sense of drama Enjoy it!

Game is absolutely good if not the best for this genre. There are signifcant lag on the controls sometimes, my finger is already in the middle of the screen and the view in game is still struggling to go to where my finger is. Even with the sensitivity is already adjusted to my liking. Works perfectly

Wow Babe.. it's Hot. I will shoots it, play until the end,so addicts game like real war and I'm come a Hero saved the an Universe.. Great job

Been sticking with it & have learned better strategies, have all weapons (so far) fully upgraded and have had to delete several other apps so that this one doesn't lag so badly. No loss, in comparison. I'm STILL diggin' watching the explosions of all the melons I slam rounds into. The cool part of melon busting is the exotics! YEEHAW! Works perfectly

I don't know what is going wrong ... Now Not connecting with network... Only showing an error msg that please check your Internet connections.. even i'm using faster connection Enjoy it!

Amazing game.... However time waits are bit overused.... Problem: Sometime while watching advertisement, the portrait ad freezes the frame of game as portrait forcing me to exit & re-login game Enjoy it!

This game is one of the best mobile games that I have ever played. It is extremely addicting, to the point that I have deleted it because I find myself playing it most of the day which isn't exactly good for me. Do recommend though. Fabulous!

Its really good, I rated 5 star. But I was banned for unclear reason that make me feel unfair. Anyway I keep 5 star for the game because its really good! 5 star

Your control panel is too complicated , too many button on the screen , always mispress on unwanted options & functions. The guns scope to Zoom in & out your systems don't know how to differentiate always push my guns to point to the sky or to the ground but not to my opponent . Works perfectly

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