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Great game the graphic are the best!And challenges. But not so bad you can't WIN. And I love to WIN ! Fantastic

Good fame, but still need some update, because after watching adds the screen didn't want to go back to lanscape wow lol

When are we going to get castle the one that's coming soon how long do Io have to wait can you let me know.k rep the long do we have to wait for next chapter can you please tell us soon Worth it!

The hp ad window pops up entire time during the game play & the worst part is the window wont close you have to restart the game..please fix the issue Works great

What's with the hp ad guys,every time it appears we have no other option but to restart the game. Not bad

Gameplay and graphocs quite good but the information given should have contained that after installing the game it still needs almost 1gb download and it cant be played offline.......This is pure RTI issue. Pretty good

Great game, lots of fun. Graphics are good. Lot's of game playing modes. Would be 5 stars if you were able to get more free when watching videos. Amazing!

Not sure y to download the game data again and again. And getting crash while playing the game. Kindly look into it. Starting to get more often different type of issues. Perfect

If you are a serious gun games lover then install this one... My God what a graphics, specially controls are awesome I reached 53 level .. Thanks to the creator team, awesome job sir.. Seriously hats off for each and every member of Sniper fury team ... Go well

It's a really good game but more weapons in game should be available for purchase with the money instead of ruby's and the weapon sway is bad, but all in all its a great game Flawless

Watch ads to get low grade freebies to assist in some way. Been doing it for a while now and yes it helps. However, all of a sudden "there are no more videos to view" right in the middle of a 10 video viewing to get a better prize. Really? What's the point of advertising if you can't even supply what you are promoting Works great

Good game but why make Val in the gun sale shop/promo% section so scary looking. Bring back the mission's Val or the new Val to stop me avoid clicking there Works perfectly

This is a very addictive game!! It is hard to set it down. I play it so hard, that my 10" Samsung tablet gets hot and I have to put a folded towel on my lap to keep from burning my legs. Everyone that picks this game up and plays it...will know what I am talking about. Totally AWESOME! Good

Pls make it offline seriously I liked the game but if u guys make it offline I'll love it and also it takes much time to load and also I loose the connection in between the game. Awesome

Love it❤ but if you could add some new skilled enemies it would be more awesome Perfect!

great game has,had nice updates since I played I recommend it for anyone that enjoys fps Worth it!

I love this game but disturbing more boombarry advertising so ..sir pls developed the game .. pls stop advertising... Must have

This is the best sniper game i have ever played Recommend everybody to download it now Worth a go!

Super interface, loving it, also can v have an option to trade existing weapons in black market in return of gold Good

Love the game but that video advertisement is too annoying.. and worst part is that most of the time it just plays sound with no video and i cant get back to game without force closing the game.. i had to restart the game almost every time that video add shows up.. hated it.. plz fix this bug soon Perfect!

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