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This thing is froze I just started the game and got to the part where you update your recruits and its saying I have training points but I don't. And won't let me click anything else so stupid Cool

I like this game, I play it every chance I get. It needs a better selection of wepons Great job

It's a great game, super cool graphics and all. Addictive. I can't buy stuffs with my card tho, kindly advise on this. Works great

This is a great FPS game. There is one problem. On some missions it tends to lag quite a bit. Pretty good

Keeps glitching. Scope doesnt come up correct and some scenes play in slow motion Muito bom!

The story is great the graphics are sublime Im just having trouble opening crates and I don't know how to use my battle icons I need help on that but other than that I give it a 95 great game Highly Recommend.

It's a very addictive game, Great Graphics, there's a great turtial for beginners, but pretty easy to figure out. If you join a helpful Clan, u can learn fairly quickly. Highly recommend. Customer service is a bit lacking, but liveable. Cool

Best game it sniper but not open esy liner but i think sniper furry game team support me And next time understand my hop that's is Not bad

This game is super awesome and the graphics are too good this game is very addictive 5 star

Feel like cheated. I open 1 exclusive pack and got a 4 tier deuce.but i cant find him in my squad mates. I lose my hardly earned 200rubies. 5 star

Get over the repeat music average grafs. Its thr upgrades that keep it moving alonge, with lots of carnage in b etween Good

Very addictive, have had no problems with the controls and a very nice strategic feel. Enjoy it!

Great game. Great graphic. Addicting and exciting game. Things I hate about this game. First, PvP just not fair. You only have four changes to battle. Giving me an unevent opponent that never got the chance for me to win. Secondly, the ads. I dont mind with the ads, its just some ads that turn your phone to a potrait mode, when it finished, it doesnt return your game back to a landscape mode anymore. I have to force closed the game to actually play the game again. Good

Was really enjoying playing this game, until I got a new device and it won't transfer my progress! Customer service is a joke!!! No reply to anything even though this issue is a 'known fault' I haven't played this game since I got my new device and I won't until I can get back to where I was before! Awesome

Nice game but missions are very short and easy make them long and tougher to complete..othervuse rest of the game is gud all around.keep up the gud work Superb!

Great game. Lots to do. Good amount of campaign and PvP to suit many gamers tastes. Must have

It's a pretty good game,however I have changed devices and CANNOT get this game to sync, I had NO problems last time, but I guess since the latest update, the "sync department" is lacking the ability to make it easy for players to accomplish this feat. Customer service is a joke! I'm a grown man and I have trouble, I can only imagine how a kid would feel. Maybe a bad review will get your attention, bc no amount of emails will fix it. Awesome

Graphics in the screenshots are good as they are edited but the real game's graphics are just ok, make them more sharper. Fantastic

Best game I played till wrongly banned and lost all progress Un fairly was hacked Perfect!

Update Sucks... U should not have Decreased the Rewards of Specials ops.. Very Bad Move. Just wow

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