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Game would be better if I could get my features to work correctly. Can't get money when attacking bases and my piercing bullets and slow timer power ups have no keys on my display to push even though I have them in my inventory. UGH Works perfectly

The game is interesting but hopeless because it's problem for network. In my phine moto g3 this game is not start when my mobile data on even the game is start but not play any event without base event when my 1mbs broad band connection wifi connected with my phone.if u kindly solve this problem I hope the game will be more popular. Worth it!

I enjoy this game much more than other sniper games, they're not greedy and progress is possible without days of grinding. Premium content is really pricey but I haven't been forced to buy to play and move forward just playing side missions for cash seems to do the trick. Perfect!

The only biggest problem is that tho you can transfer character from Android to iOS you cannot transfer from mobile to steam version. Apart from that; everything is great. The pvp and rankings are suprisingly fun, even if I hadn't spend a penny on it. 10/10 for a mobile game 5 star

Game is awesome but several times while playing it starts lagging and you can't control it if that didn't happen I would love it Superb!

LOADING TAKES FOREVER ! This is a great game. Really addicting. Graphics is good. However loading takes forever. There is a loading page before and after a game which makes it a little boring to wait. The ads placement are understandable but the loading page really ??? Hope they can make it more faster to load or maybe they can put a continue button after a game so the player can continue the story without even going back to the mission menu and choose the same game mode again. Omg

Graphics quality excellent. Each and everything is good but I am not able to go further in the game as I the caption is not working even after touching it several times. Omg

I hate with the ads videos ! Fix it or remove it Every video of ads commin make my screen turn and can't go back Superb!

I love this game. But I got this type of popup (you've already got a training token. Time to use it.) And I don't know how to go back in game play. Because other buttons showing disable. Plz help ... I don't know it's bug or not... Well done!!

Everything's great since day 1, until tonight when I already can't open it. It says there's something wrong with my connection but it's not. My internet is working. Tried restarting my phone and the app several times but still not opening like it used to. I think I will have to wait for an update to fix this. Fantastic

Aiming is a bit hard. It is confusing figuring out what to do. Could use a longer tutorial. Graphics are great and it's fun Marvelous

Good game nice graphics lose money opening battle packs your 13000 Cash reward does not show up and you need to spend a lot of cash to get anywhere in the game, prices for in game perks and accessories are too high always feels likes you need to get more gold and in game cash to afford anything getting bored and tired of playing and special events are hard to get anywhere always going back on missions to get parts to upgrade which does not help since you have to play the mission more than two time to receive the parts, like I said getting boring and tiresome Worth a go!

Don't ever play this game I feel like slapping the man who found this because it is not working and virus have attacked Great job

Could use less ads really. There are enough ads to watch for free items etc... that I shouldn't need to watch more every time I am in the mission tab or back out. Otherwise, everything else about the game is amazing. Crisp controls. Easy - Moderate - Hard levels of difficulty. Solid game. Amazing!

Good game, easy controls, but its a bit too easy. I made top 5 on the leader board in the online base mode in a day. Wish they'd make it more difficult, but good game over all. Pretty good

Not totally a Good game. iam not like this type of full online game and it take loading again and again after a play. It makes really irritation. Not good, Not bad. Fabulous!

Your update for black market is very bad.not getting the things I want and I am uninstalling the game after 5 months of playing and will also get uninstalled from my friends and never let anyone from my friend to install this type game where update are this type type of poor Great job

Very good game. You should make windows version as well, full fledged pc game. I am looking forward to pc version. Perfect!

You shouldn't have taken the gear packs from the up and coming guys. All the top guys got their gear packs and have all their gear so they love it now the newer guys get screwed. Save rubies for months or spend your real money to buy them to get gear packs. Way to give the older player all the advantage they need to never be challenged. 3 star until you return the gear packs to even the game out again Superb!

I would love to set up my own weapon in the game play that would be nice of you guys I mean it in a good way when I said guys it's like a family Recommend

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