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Great game except for when i spend rubies to win dog tags....the game crashes and rubies are spent and dont get those new global the missions find the map pieces fight the freezes map pieces lost....getting really tired of wasting time and rubies for absolutely nothing.....all this after getting a few points away from diamond league....then they reset the game.....back to the start....any other way the developers can rip me off? Recommend

Worst game when m playing base attack sirf bhagta hei kyu h delete this game from play store Great job

after the latest update, no more supreme box in the shop. Only exclusive box. I got 7 in my inventory, how to open the supreme box? 5 star

It's a pretty fun game, it has a lot of missions for you to complete, a cool take on multi-player, and it has awesome guns to buy and upgrade. Omg

It Take Much Time To Load. And the prices of Rubuies is Too Damm High. Hope they decrease the price. Enjoy it!

I'm not exactly sure what other people expect but judging by the complaints they expect a unicorn. This is a very good game which the developers keep trying to upgrade. Fantastic

The graphics 5/5 controls 4/5 For now Overall game i'll rate it 4/5 stars due to the loading screen it's taking a long time before a mission and after a mission. Developers must fix this problem. And add more event or category modes like zombie event or zombie stages. Ill give it 5/5 if that happens. I know all players here have the same review as mine. So more power devs! Marvelous

A great game that I loved to play in my free time, despite no movement from my position and average graphics, this game is still fun to play and has somewhat of a balance in letting me roll others and at other times, I get rolled. Fair enough. However, like many others that have commented, after receiving the newest update, I am unable to open and play the game. It constantly stops at 71% then tells me my Internet connection isn't strong enough or just remains there despite leaving it like that for about 10-20 minutes... I have tried everything from using up my data to even putting my phone on top of the WiFi router at home, but nothing works... Gameloft, please fix this issue especially for many of us loyal players that have made quite a fair bit of progress, effort and patience to get to where we all are now. Thank you. Works great

I would have given it 5 star but game keeps on getting stuck whenever an ads plays and its over heating my phone in 5 min. I am using oneplus 3T Fantastic

Cant working very well stop, stop, stop , wait, wait, wait , report ,report,, report but I love this please solve this issue okkkkk :-) :-) :-) wow lol

Over all game is good but it takes more time to load and also it does not reload over any wifi connection, means if you have no internet in sim card you cannot play game over wifi. This problem is very irritating. Omg

Game is really good but I am upset because after updating its not working. I mean it stops loading after 71% it shows error. I had tried many time. Fabulous!

Befire the update, I reached to GOLD II and all of sudden I received very low rewards at cellstrike event. Also latest weapons are unavailable due to lack of blueprints. Amazing!

Lags, freezes, & crashes way too frequently. Also, as with most mobile games, it's sadly another pay-to-win type. Flawless

I could only play 30-45 minutes. After that I'll need to restart the app or it will hang and I need to restart my device. Still a great game to play. 5 star

This game is great I love the graphics and challenging missions but can you add more guns it will be better if add more guns Fantastic

I am thoroughly enjoying the game and do not regret geting it. I really only have 3 complaints about it and that's it. Number 1 is that there is no story line to speak of, you just sit there and shoot at enemies til theres none left. Its that over and over and over so it can get very tedious very quickly. Number 2 is that gold needs to be easier to obtain, for the first few levels it was reasonably easy to get all the gold you needed for stuff like upgrading weapons and increasing the size of your vault, but im in the third level now and its taking me a stupid amount of time to gather all of the gold i need cause each time you upgrade your vault the amount of gold needed rises also. And you need gold to upgrade all your weapons so its mandatory to get enough so if you make something mandatory to advance then you need to include more ways to obtain it than just one way. And the 3rd and final is this, the guns need to be upgraded far too often for it to be reasonsble. Which ties into number 2 because you cant upgrade without gold but you cant get gold when the missions that offer it as a reward have a minimum damage requirement that cant be achieved because your weapon isnt strong enough. Otherwise it's entertaining, user friendly and reasonably easy but with a bit of challenge to it and unlike most games it actually isnt pay to win. You can advance through the rankd without spending a time of real money on it. Im currently rank 13 And have not spent any money whatsoever yet the option is there for those who wish to do so, but its not impossible to play without real cash like alot of other games. Marvelous

Really good game I hope this gets to one of the best mobile apps this year or at least in the top ten list of the best mobile apps this year Great job

So much fun and I can't wait to play daily. AWESOME GAME, RECOMMEND HIGHLY!!! Highly Recommend.

I think a lot of people that give this game very bad rating need to check their phone RAM/ROM capabilities if it can seamless run the game, and also their internet speed. I have played for years and never had a major issue. Worth it!

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