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I quite like it, but it's too tricky to start with, it should gradually get harder. Too many ads, fine the Dev deserves paying but this is extreme. I'd happily buy the game, but it's a little overpriced. Also, let's have sound Muito bom!

It's an ok game, but ads are just so annoying, every time you die, you see an ad. To remove ads, you have to pay 4 dollars which is pretty silly, game isn't that great. Maybe 1.9 dollars would be a decent price for such a feature. Recommend

I love this game it is such a time killer! Good

It's kind of boring. Once you unlock all the snakes, there's not much more to do. It's fun, but after awhile it just gets boring. :-| Brilliant

The game is very addictive but there are way too many ads. Every time you die an ad pops up. It gets really annoying but the game us very good overall Fabulous!

This game is the bane of my existence. It's super addictive and I hate it's stupid face but will never stop playing it. I love it. Recommend

Pretty good game. Fun for when you're bored. The ads are pretty excessive but I just play it offline Works perfectly

This would be great game if it started out slower and easier and gradually added to the difficulty. Unfortunately you die too quickly because half the time you are relying on luck. Would be nice to build up your snake before your only options are a high number of blocks. Unfortunately game falls short because if this. Fantastic

I like the game cause it passes time when I'm waiting and have no w ifi and don't want to waste mobile data. Just wow

I understand ads are neccesary to generate much deserved revenue for the developer, however, this great concept game is rendered unplayable with instrusive ads. It's impossible to establish any flow before being interrupted with an unskippable 30 second ad. The game experience is more frustrating than fun. Shame. Maybe every three lives show an ad? Note to the developer: Browbeating the user into buying the premium version would would if they had an actual chance to play the game. Cool

Way too !any adds every time you die its another add plz just get rid of the adds! Also the controls are terrible I can't move because ill go all over the place and it makes me die Go well

Way too many adds. If didn't have the adds in it then it would be a wicked game and I would play it slot but as too many adds it's making me want delete it 5 star

There is too many ads in the game. Make some money on YouTube instead of here. The game lags and I have a quad core processor Works perfectly

Is almost a 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ But Almost Impossible game The Stars is felling Ok so I liked it Good

I like the game but I only rated 4 stars just because it has so many ads it was unreal I'll rate 5 stars if u get rid of a bunch of them. Thx! Brilliant

I really like this game its very nice there is just way too many adds, its like every time i die there is in add and that gets anoying but still i really enjoy this game Surprisingly

It's really fun. I like how Snake vs Block gives you the opportunity to try to pass my high score. I get to practice on did math, to. Flawless

This game is really fun and entertaining and helps me take my mind off of really stressful things going on in my life. Worth it!

Irritating ads. Most of it pops up during the middle of the game causes me to lose. Well done!!

This game is fun with a tiny of challenge I really like it the creators should make an update with like a mini game in it than it would get a lot more downloads Fantastic

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