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Allot of adds! If you turn off data and Wi-Fi whilst playing the adds are disabled! Flawless

It's a simple snake game that you collect little pellets and need to sacrafice parts to move on. Really enjoyed it! Marvelous

It's fun to play, and it's even addicting. The only thing that I dislike is, no matter how further you've gone, it'll always grant you with 2 points. If only it depends on our distance, that'll be great. I'd love to collect all kinds of this given snakes. love it

It's a great game but there is too many ads. Every time I start or in the middle of the game a ad pops up which makes me lose. Please lower the amount of ads so I play the game and not keep losing. Awesome

Amazing game! Whoever is reading this I prefer you to check out this time killer game! I just think the game would get more interested if there were more shapes of blocks in different sizes or the blocks would move. Or power ups and bad powerups etc. Go well

Game is super fun, and I think it could be one of the best things to come out for a long time. But there is an add after every round. And they're all the 30 second one. It's especially frustrating when you're first starting out, because you die in like 5 seconds. The game play to ad ratio is terrible. Amazing!

Very smooth and funny! I love the burger snake!!! A good app to kill time!!!! I have a tip on how to skip ads. Tap on the ad when it comes up if its a video app. Press your back button three times and the game should come back up! It works. For me anyway! Cool

Gaming concept is good, but no sound. Block numbers are to large at start of the gave. May be there could be stages where numbers get increased. And the worst part is unnecessary ads Works great

I am not bombed by adverts like everyone is writing. Game is a fun idea but games are too short. You can't offer a 2 points ball and hit a 45 block after. Make it easier and more fun when you can actually hit a significant record. Gets frustrating Perfect

Fun game. The controls track finger lag on my 3 generations old S6. Rules are simple: Constantly move forward while searching for dots to make your but bugger - numbered blocks reduce your size accordingly. *It IS possible to move while hitting a larger block than you can handle* Ads - Haven't seen any...cuz Airplane mode is my friend. Refuse any permissions it asks for and it still plays fine. Recommend

Cute grafics and fun gameplay. But there are too many advertisements... One after every game. You should get more money after the played games. This game is into Maths. (BTW, I love Maths) Please make the adverts spawn less frequently. Thank you. Marvelous

This game is fun and challenging at the same time. I don't believe I have played a game that is hard and doesn't get me upset until now. Thank you creators of Snake vs. Block because you or you guys are very smart. Awesome

Game would be great if you could see more of the screen and ads were not rampant. Every death is an ad which is super annoying and my reason for uninstalling. Really messes up the flow of the game. Recommend

I'm in luv but... there are WAY TOOOOOOOO MANY ADS!! and I can never get out of them Works perfectly

Absolute garbage! It basically forces you to lose after 15 seconds with 30+ blocks when you have like 24! And after you lose, it ambushes you with long, unskippable ads! And if you don't like that then you have to pay a huge amount of money!! Ridiculous! However it can be a little fun sometimes, Don't install, you're much better off not to. Very disappointed. 5 star

I really love this game as its verry addictive, creative and fun to play. However the control's and the way it moves is very slow making it hard to control quickly there for win the game. As well as this the adverts are painful, i know it's how they make their money but in all honesty is rather pay £1 or £1.50 than have to sit though ad after ad every time you lose the game. Don't get me wrong though it's fantastic Cool

Too many ads. The game itself can be very addictive (once fixed responsiveness) but ads are disrupting the experience. It could be the next "flappy bird" but has just a too poor overall experience :( Great job

I actually like the game. It's short and fun. But the ads are completely obnoxious. If you don't tap the x just right... Twice once in each corner then you're stuck going to Google play on a game you're not interested in. So you hit the back arrow. If you're lucky you hit the x just right and you get to play. If not, back to the game advertised on Google play. So frustrating. Marvelous

Annoying amount of disruptive ads. Does not compel me to buy just annoying the s*** out of me. Fun game though could be great with no ads in the free tier. Not bad

The new update is a little glitchy and way to many ads. Really addictive though. Amazing!

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